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Pedro Marenco

Paleontology at Bryn Mawr involves the study of paleoecology, stratigraphy and geochemistry.  Consequently, our research is conducted both in the field and in our laboratories on campus.  If you are a current or future college student who is interested in paleontology at Bryn Mawr, please contact me.


Students in the field

Students measuring a stratigraphic section in Nevada.


Students collecting fossils in Nevada

Students collecting fossils in Nevada.


View from our campsite in Montana

The view from our campsite in Montana.

Geochemistry Lab

Bryn Mawr Geochemistry Lab

The Bryn Mawr Geochemistry lab is used for a variety of geological and paleobiological investigations.  Ongoing research here includes understanding the climate changes associated with the Late Paleozoic Ice House and the End Permian mass extinction by using oxygen isotopes preserved in extinct fossils called conodonts.

The Fossil Petrography Lab

Carpenter Systems Microsampler

The Bryn Mawr Fossil Petrography laboratory is equipped with a Carpenter Microsystem CM-2 microsampler for high-resolution sampling of minerals in hand samples and thin sections.

ELTRA Carbon and Sulfur Determinator

ELTRA carbon and sulfur determinator

The ELTRA CS2000 carbon sulfur determinator is used to rapidly measure total carbon, total sulfur, and total inorganic carbon in rock samples.  We use the ELTRA to better constrain the history of rock samples used in our investigations.

Agilent ICP-MS

Agilent ICP-MS

The Agilent Technologies Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) is used to determine the abundance of various elements in our rock and fluid samples. The ICP-MS helps us better understand the history of rock and fossil samples.