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Selby Cull-Hearth

Spring and Summer 2016 Student Projects Available:
  • Mapping the mineral stratigraphy of the Valles Marineris, Mars, with remote-sensing visible- to near-infrared spectra from CRISM and high-resolution images from HiRISE.
  • Laboratory synthesis of Mars-relevant sulfate and iron hydroxide minerals - this work is funded by our NASA grant.
  • Phyllosilicate formation mechanisms on Iceland basalts

My Lab: What I Study

I study the geochemistry and mineralogy on Mars, with an eye toward understanding how liquid water has interacted with Mars’ past and present environments.¬†As a visible- to near-infrared (VNIR) spectroscopist, I do this by mapping surface physical properties and mineralogy, seeking to understand modern mineral-environment interactions and to reconstruct past environmental conditions. To better understand the environments where some of these minerals form, I study Earth sites such as Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) systems, and conduct spectroscopy lab work.


Above: Chloe Weeks, Alliya Akhtar, and Erin Kennedy collect iron hydroxide precipitates from an AMD system in southeastern PA.

Above: acidic run-off from the Rio Tinto mining district in southern Spain: the water is precipitating out iron hydroxides and hydroxylated sulfates like jarosite and copiapite.


Above: Danyelle Phillips and Simona Clausnitzer float rocks in microgravity during our experiments onboard NASA's Reduced Gravity Flight Education Program.