Geoarcheological field research using ground-penetrating radar (GPR)

Photos from our geoarcheological investigations using GPR, July 2003, Nemea Valley, Greece (click for site maps and GPR data results).

This was a collaboration with the Bryn Mawr College department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, under the direction of Prof. Jim Wright.

Don Barber with GPR backpack at archeological investigation site ("Parnavos East") in the Nemea valley, Greece, July 2003.

Nico Wright gearing up for Nemea GPR survey. Jim Wright, BMC archeologist, and Eliza Wallace (BMC '04) with Total Station in background. 100 MHz antennas in foreground.

200 MHz antennas held at a constant separation distance (50 cm) and moved systematically along a measured survey line (common-offset survey mode) downhill hillside, Nemea valley, Greece.

GPR team in action, Nemea valley, Greece:

Eliza Wallace (BMC '4) foreground, tending fiber optic cable, Nico Wright with antennas, Jessica Miller (BMC '04) and Prof. Jim Wright (BMC) clearing a path through brush for continuing survey lines.

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