Local site map of July 2003 ground-penetrating radar survey, Nemea Valley, Greece.

The x, y, and z coordinates of points on this map above were surveyed by laser theodolite total station. A total of 14 GPR transects were run; these will be added to the map as the data plots are posted on the web. Although the local ravine axis runs SW-NE, there is a general N-ward tilt to the land surface at the study site (see field photos). Scroll down to see a regional map showing location of Nemea in the Pelopponese of southern Greece.

Green line shows the location of topographically corrected GPR line NEMBE71 (click on map to view GPR data).

GPR surveying at this site during July 2003 was a collaboratory effort between the Bryn Mawr College departments of Geology and Archaeology. This collaboration was a follow-up to the 2002 Pilot Study of the Mycenaean Chamber Tomb Cemetery at Ancient Nemea, Greece, part of the Nemea Valley Archaeological Project, under the direction of BMC Prof. Jim Wright, in association with Ms. Evangelia Pappi (4th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, Greece).

Map of southern Greece and the Pelopponese, showing Nemea study area (white dot) between Gulf of Corinth to north and Gulf of Argos to south. Ancient Mycenae is about 15-20 km SE of the white dot. Scroll back up to see the survey site layout.

For a broader perspective, click here to view a map of Europe and the Mediterranean.