Paleomagnetism is the study of the Earth's ancient magnetic field as it is recorded in the rock record. Understanding the past configuration of the Earth’s magnetic field allows geologists to accurately date rock sequences, reconstruct continental paleogeography, and quantify absolute rotations and tilts of large rock masses. The Paleomagnetic laboratory at Bryn Mawr College was founded in 2004 with the help of a National Science Foundation Equipment grant awarded to Dr. Arlo Weil, funds from the department of Geology at Bryn Mawr and funds from the Provost office at Bryn Mawr College (BMC). The main function of the lab at BMC is to investigate past continental configurations, especially the amalgamation and dispersal of large supercontinents, to help understand the mechanics and kinematics of fold-thrust belt formation, to better understand the processes responsible for remagnetizing carbonate and redbed rocks, and the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of crustal shear zones. The BMC lab is available for use to other interested academics.



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