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Geology 350 -
Snowball Earth Seminar

arlo Pedro
Arlo B. Weil
Park Room 130
Pedro Marenco
Park Room 190

In this seminar course, we will explore the geologic record of the most extreme phase of climate change the Earth has ever experienced – the Snowball Earth. The geologic record preserves numerous lines of evidence (e.g., stratigraphic, geophysical, geochemical biological, etc.) for ancient climate change that record, with varying degrees of fidelity, potentially several episodes of climatic change during the Earth’s early history. We will examine several lines of evidence in support and against the so-called Snowball Earth hypothesis, with the aim of understanding the geologic record and deciphering the causes and consequences of these changes. Special attention will be placed on the multidisciplinary approach taken to investigate this most fascinating period of the Earth’s history – the Cryogenian.

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