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Brook HenkelHenkel

Ph.D.: Columbia University, 2013
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of German
Office: 310 Founders
Phone: 610-876-9733

Brook Henkel is Visiting Assistant Professor of German at Haverford College (spring 2014 to spring 2015). His research and teaching interests include: German-language literature from 1900 to the present; postwar European cinema; early and avant-garde film; media theory/history; and interrelations between science and literature.

Building on his recent dissertation, he is currently working on a book manuscript with the tentative title The Reanimation of Literature. Focusing on works by Rilke, Kafka, Döblin, Carl Einstein, George Grosz, and Hans Richter, the study explores the aesthetics and critical functions of animation and animated objects in literary modernism and the avant-garde in relation to early cinematic animation and contemporaneous theories of the uncanny, animism, mimesis, reification, and shock-effects. He has also contributed a short text (“Motte”) on Stan Brakhage’s handmade film Mothlight (1963) to the Wörterbuch kinematographischer Objekte (Berlin 2014); a longer article, “Objects in Motion: Hans Richter’s Vormittagsspuk & the Crisis of Avant-garde Film” is forthcoming in the peer-reviewed volume, Continuity and Crisis in German Cinema, 1928-1936, to be published in the “Screen Cultures” series by Camden House.