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Department of German
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Brook HenkelBrook Henkel

Ph.D.: Columbia University, 2013
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of German
Office: Hall 211; Office Hours: W 3:00-5:00 pm
Phone: 215-495-4409

Brook Henkel is Visiting Assistant Professor of German at Haverford College (Spring 2014 to Spring 2016), where he teaches German-language classes from Elementary to Advanced and upper-level literature seminars, as well as courses on literature, film, and media studies in the Comparative Literature program. His research and teaching interests include: 19th- through 21st-century German and Austrian literature, Modernism and the Avant-Garde, European cinema, the theory and history of media, and interrelations between science and literature.

He is currently completing his first book, Animistic Fictions: German Modernism, Film, and the Reanimation of Literature, which describes an intermedial aesthetics of animation in German modernism and the avant-garde between 1900 and 1930. Focusing on works by Rilke, Döblin, Kafka, Musil, Benn, Moholy-Nagy, and Hans Richter, the book shows how representations of animated objects in poetry, prose, drama, visual art, and early film approximate an animistic or mimetic connection to the material world, while reflecting deep anxieties about modern sensory experience and social relations. He is also beginning a new research project on the roles of astronomy in postwar German literary imaginaries, film, media, and critical theory (Arno Schmidt, Kluge, Peter Schamoni, Enzensberger, Sebald, and others). He has recent and forthcoming articles on: Stan Brakhage’s handmade film Mothlight (1963) in Wörterbuch kinematographischer Objekte (August Verlag 2014); Hans Richter’s late 1920s films in Continuity and Crisis in German Cinema 1928–1936 (Camden House 2016); and surveillance and montage in Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s 2011 film Abendland in Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies (2016).

Courses Taught

(in German)

  • GERM 001-2 – Elementary German I / II
  • GERM 201 – Advanced Training: Language, Text, and Context
  • GERM 215 – Survey of German Literature (in German)
  • GERM 320 – Contemporary German Fiction (in German)

(in English)

  • GERM/COML 262 – History of European Film
  • GERM/COML 320 – Science as Fiction (Science and Literature)
  • GERM/COML 320 – The Holocaust in Literature and Film
  • GERM/COML 321 – Modernism, Media, and the Literary Text