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GOLD Volunteers

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Want to learn more?

GOLD thrives on energy, enthusiasm, and great ideas. With nearly 3,000 alumnae represented in the program, there is always need for more voices at the table.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming involved, please contact Kersti Francis '13 or Devon Montgomery '06.  

GOLD Co-Chairs

Elisa Sepulveda ’08
Paige Walker ’09

GOLD Committee
Shani Arbel '04Nkenge “Nikki” Ho-Shing '06
Judy Barr '09 Lauren Miller '03
Amanda Chudnow '03 Cara Petonic '07
Lauren Connolly '04 Kate Seifert '11
Hannah Curry-McDougald '10Anjali Shenoy '04
Hildi Greenberg '10Jen Roberts Smith '05
Talia Greenwald '08 Didem Uca '11

Class Committees


Presidents: Amanda Chudnow, Julia Switzer

Reunion Gift Chairs: Nishat Hasan, Liana Sterling

Reunion Gift Committee: Erica Roggeveen Byrne, Amanda Chudnow, Tamar Anolic

Reunion Managers: Sabrina Balgamwalla, Aline McNaull

Editors: Greta LaFleur, Tamara Metz

Songmistress: Emily Friedman

Webmistress: Heather Shelton


Presidents: Katrina Magdol, Anneliese Marchewka

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Marot Hoskins, Lauren Perone

Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers: Sabita Nadesan

Reunion Managers: Jessica Knapp, Robin Reineke

Editors: Promise Partner, Emily Teel

Songmistress: Kerstin Nordstrom

Webmistresses: Emily Moos, Pamela Shwartz


Presidents: Yas Mashhoon, Elissa Seto

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Amanda Glendinning, Marissa Litman

Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers: Natalie Abbott, Maureen Callahan, Nupur Chaudhury, Elizabeth Cherson, Diana Ducey Girard, Sarah Ross, Jessie Stolark, Nia Turner, Ruther Zohrer

Reunion Managers: Liz Marcus-Wenger, Stephanie Nebel

Editors: Diana Girard, Samara Schwartz


President: Devon Montgomery

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Amy Craiger, Nkenge "Nikki" Ho-Shing, Sarah Major

Reunion Managers: Diane Scarpa, Rachel Steinberg

Editor: Hillary Smith

Songmistress: Claire Collins

Webmistress: Laura Grannis


Presidents: Piyali Bhattacharya, Betsy Gauthier

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Lauren Faber, Laci Hutto

Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers: Briana Morgan, Cara Petonic

Reunion Managers: Rachel Friedensen, Elhanna Porter

Editor: Gilda Rodriguez


President: Aley Thomson

Reunion Gift Chairs: McCurdy Miller, Megan Rowley

Reunion Gift Committee: Talia Greenwald, Meredith Moore, Aley Thompson, Hannah Wood, Stephanie Wujcik

Reunion Manager: Hannah Wood

Editor: Sasha Toten

Webmistress: Katie Kronbergs


President: Katie Kellom

Bryn Mawr Fund Chair: Lauren Valenski

Reunion Manager: Allie Eiselen

Editors: Jess Schwartz, Elizabeth Walsh

Webmistress: Steph Hilton


President: Simran Singh

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Fabiola Decius, Katherine Redford

Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers: Molly Parzen

Reunion Managers: Ellen Ginda, Mariellyssa Wenk

Editor: Jane Morris

Songmistress: Kim Lunsford

Webmistress: Akua Nyame-Mensah


Presidents: Sam Salazar & Lindsey Turr

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Sung Eun "Susie" Kim, Sophie Papavizas

Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers: Sarah Gelfand, Christina Wagner

Reunion Managers: Jen Bonczar, Sarah Sherman

Editors: Sarah Kelley, Zandra Martinez

Songmistress: Julia LeBouvier

Webmistress: Julie Ershadi


President: Yong Jung Cho

Bryn Mawr Fund Chairs: Molly Reinganum, Lee Wacker

Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers: Priya Saxena, Sarah Theobald

Reunion Managers: Blair Smith, Lee Wacker

Editors: Elizabeth Held, Sarah Theobald

Songmistress: Liz Jacobs

Webmistress: Kate Severance

Other GOLD Representatives & Volunteers

GOLD alumnae are also involved as volunteers within the larger Bryn Mawr Community. Here’s who’s representing young alumnae in the Alumnae Association, Admissions, Athletics, and the Career Development Office across the country and around the world.

Jackney Prioly ’06
Representative for GOLD, Alumnae Association Executive Board

Julia Ferraioli ’07
Member, Alumnae Association Executive Board

Gilda Rodriguez ’07
Member, Alumnae Association Executive Board Nominating Committee

Amanda Glendinning ’05
Member, Friends of Athletics Executive Board

Danny Tang ’07
Member, International Council

Nia Turner ’05
Black Alumnae Contact, Alumnae Association Affinity Groups

Tasneem Raja ’04
Committee Member, Alumnae Bulletin Editorial Advisory Board

Sarah Tan ’04
Committee Member, Alumnae Technology Advisory Committee

Sumaya Abdurrezak ’05
DC Representative, Alumnae Association Career Network

Liana Sterling ’03
New York Club President

Jennifer Roberts Smith ’05
Louisiana Club President

Elizabeth Walsh ’09
Washington State Club President

Kate Tucker ’04
St. Louis Club President

June Lee ’08
Korea Club President

Elizabeth Marcus-Wenger ’05
Maryland Admissions Chair

Arienne Bloomingdale ’04
Massachussetts Admissions Chair

Nicole Adams ’04
New Hampshire Admissions Chair

Kristina Copplin ’06
California Admissions Chair

Katherine Pioli ’06
Wyoming Admissions Chair

Maya Costa-Pinto ’07
Australia Admissions Chair

Lin Qian ’07
China Admissions Chair

Gursimran Kaur Mann ’05
India Admissions Chair

Woo Hee Jun ’05
Indonesia Admissions Chair

Elisa Jimenez Grant ’03
Mexico Admissions Chair

Jennifer Foote ’03
New Zealand Admissions Chair

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