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Consider this a GOLDen opportunity!

Your participation in The Bryn Mawr Fund, at the gift level right for you, is important. It is how you ensure the College serves its students well and maintains a reputation in which you can take great pride. Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) make up more than 25% of the College's alumnae community, forming an influential group of the next generation of leaders, volunteers and supporters.

The Slade Society is Bryn Mawr's leadership giving circle. Slade donors contribute 71% of Annual Fund dollars and provide the College with significant resources to fulfill its mission. To increase access for young alumnae wishing to make a significant commitment to Bryn Mawr, The Slade Society offers special leadership levels for GOLD alumnae. Here's how it works: take the number of years since your graduation and multiply it by $100. That is where your personal Slade membership begins. Joining Slade is even more affordable with our budget-friendly monthly giving option.

We truly appreciate your gift, and hope that if the moment is right for you, you will consider becoming one of our newest GOLD members of The Slade Society.

The Slade Society GOLD Membership

Class YearYears After Graduation*Slade Society MembershipMonthly Payments
August 2013-May 2014
(10 months)**
2004 10 $1000 $100
2005 9 $900 $90
2006 8 $800 $80
2007 7 $700 $70
2008 6 $600 $60
2009 5 $500 $50
2010 4 $400 $40
2011 3 $300 $30
2012 2 $200 $20
2013 1 $100 $10
*As of Commencement 2014

**Bryn Mawr's current fiscal year ends on May 31, 2014.

Please visit the homepage of the Slade Society to learn more and to make your Slade gift in full or sign up for monthly payments online.

GOLD Slade Donors,
June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012

Click the class year to see current GOLD Slade members in each class.

Class of 2002 – 10th Reunion

Stephanie Maria Aduso Elizabeth King

Class of 2003

Brighid Bryan Boyle
Nishat Hasan
Gloria Alaina Ramon

Class of 2004

Marot Williamson Hoskins
Alexandra Sari Kaufmann
Anneliese Zimmerman Marchewka
Anjali Shenoy

Class of 2005

Alexis Blevins Baird
Amanda Glendinning
Jennifer Elizabeth Rusk
Gretchen Elisabeth Worsley
Ruth Zohrer

Class of 2006

Melissa Marie Hope Melissa Ann Lindholm

Class of 2007 – 5th Reunion

Sara Chan
Lauren Alissa Faber
Julia Rebecca Ferraioli
Rebecca Moy
Cara Petonic

Class of 2008

Megan Ashely Rowley McCurdy Miller

Class of 2009

Kate Michelson Goldkamp
Erica Renee Seaborne
Evelyn Ann White

Class of 2010

Caroline Melissa Connelly
Anna Obee Giarratana
Caroline Darcy Heffernan
Caitlin Elizabeth Iles
Grace Cheong-Mun Kung
Evan Tamura McGonagill*
Julianne Margaret Rieders
Dominique Hilary Toten
Jill Kennedy Settlemyer
Dongli Zhang

Class of 2011

Sung Eun "Susie" Kim
Anagha Kumar
Sarah Fenner Maley
Clare Renee Mullaney
Sumedha Niranjan
Sophie Mary Papavizas
Hannah Susan Payne
Lindsey Nicole Turr
Madeline Marion Vellturo
Stephanie Suzanne Viggiano
Christina Marie Wagner
Angela Angel Wang
Colette Cecile Leilani Young

Class of 2012 – Senior Gift

Margaret June Ahrens
Aparajita Sanjoy Bhattacharyya
Mary Cipora Blumenfeld
Yong Jung Cho
Eleanor Chong
Sarina Dane
Julia Dorothy Fahl
Julie Melissa Gorham
Georgette Inez Hedberg
Margot Rosemary Krouwer
Wanda Yang Zhen Lee
Katherine Theresa Lewis
Anna Melker
Caitlin Rose Oriel
Isel Kanelly Otero-Vera
Molly Elizabeth Reinganum
Priyanjali Dinesh Saxena
Lingyi Sun
Sarah Rigg Theobald
Lee Carolyn Wacker

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