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2012 vs. 2013 Challenge

They say old rivalries die hard. 2013, you've always been freshmen to 2012. And 2012, now those freshmen are set to graduate and become alums themselves . . . are you feeling old yet? All year long, the Class of 2013 has been racing to beat 2012's record-setting Senior Gift. As graduation nears, why not have a little last-minute fun?

Here's how it works:

The class that has the most donors in the 40 days before graduation (April 10th - May 16th), will have all the gifts received in that period matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500, by Justine Jentes '88, Trustee and Chair of the President's Advisory Council.

That means if enough of your classmates give in that period, all those gifts will be DOUBLED! That's twice the impact on scholarships, financial aid, internships and the other amazing things supported by The Bryn Mawr Fund. That's twice the chance to show your love and thanks for Bryn Mawr AND twice the gloating!

On April 10th, we're starting from zero, so every gift from every donor, no matter the amount or if you've given already, will put your class one step closer to that final prize. It's anyone's game, so make your gift today!