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Reunion Gift Committees: 2012-2013

Reunion Gift Committees play an important part in Reunion. They encourage broad based support and increased level of gifts for the reunion cycle and through their efforts build loyalty and enhance the bond between the College and their class. Bryn Mawr gives special recognition to the following members of the 2013 Reunion Gift Committees:

65th Reunion, Class of 1948:

Elizabeth Bagley Gerlach, Gift Chair

Gift Committee
Jane Ettelson Drucker
Anna-Stina L. Ericson
Joan Brest Friedberg
Nelly Keffer Lincoln
Leila D. J. Poullada

Page Hart Boteler
60th Reunion, Class of 1953:

Jane Norris Hovde, Gift Chair

Gift Committee:
Judith Leopold Bardes
Fytie Ludington Drayton

55th Reunion, Class of 1958:

Ruth Kaiser Nelson, Gift Chair

Gift Committee:
Sandra Grant Burgess MD
Marjorie Armstrong Mosier
Marilyn Frankel Reichert
Anne Harrison Van Arkel

Sarah Twiggar Werntz
50th Reunion, Class of 1963:

Jane E. Heffner, Linda Newman Schapiro, Gift Chairs

Gift Committee:
Juliana Kasius Dulmage
Susan Travis Egnor
Cynthia R. Field
Elizabeth Williams Fox
Jane Goldstone Hilles
Barbara Viventi Howard
Sarah Miller McGarry
Marion Davis Naar
Katharine Murphey Pell
Gail Levy Perlman
Nancy Culley Sellar
Antoinette F. Seymour
Alida Cooper Silverman
Suzanne Spain

Kristine Gilmartin Wallace
45th Reunion, Class of 1968:

Carol Cherkis Epstein, Gift Chair

Gift Committee:
Amy T. Dickinson
Sandra Slade Mossbrook MD
Deborah Brown New

Patricia Sullivan Schwartz
40th Reunion, Class of 1973:

Susan G. Montague, Gift Chair

Gift Committee:
Judith Moldover
Nancy L. Craig
Kathryn J. Crecelius
Ann C. Gunter
Catherine Dieffenbach Meyer
Amy Weiss Narea
Eve Cutler Rosen
Dorothy Silver Samuels
Sara Stinson

Jane N. Winter
35th Reunion, Class of 1978:

Dinah Thiers Farrington, Gift Chair

Gift Committee:

Deborah Fox
30th Reunion, Class of 1983:

Budner,Anmiryam, Gift Chair

Gift Committee:
Diane Morgenthaler Dembsky
Emily Kaplan Kandel

Evelyn F.Rousso
25th Reunion, Class of 1988: Pamela V. London, Gift Chair
20th Reunion, Class of 1993:

Charlotte Hand Greeson, Co-Gift Chairs

Gift Committee:
Lucinda E. Davis

Dana Marie Niblack
15th Reunion, Class of 1998:

Ginger Clark, Trisha Hall, Gift Chairs

Gift Committee:
Sara Garlick

Michelle King
10th Reunion, Class of 2003: Nishat Hasan, Liana Sterling, Gift Chairs

Gift Committee:
Amanda Chudnow
5th Reunion, Class of 2008: McCurdy Miller, Megan Rowley, Gift Chairs

Gift Committee:
Meredith Moore
Stephanie Wujcik