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Alumnae Association


"What is The Slade Society?"

The Slade Society is Bryn Mawr's giving circle that recognizes donors who make annual leadership gifts to the College. Members of The Slade Society serve as inspiration for the entire Bryn Mawr community, and their gifts constituted 71% of 5.2 million dollars contributed to the Bryn Mawr Fund in 2011-2012. For the majority of alumnae, Slade membership begins with a gift of $2,500 or more. To ensure access to Slade for Bryn Mawr's graduating class, Seniors can join Slade with a gift of only $100!

"Why should I join Senior Slade?"

Impact. Leadership giving is the foundation of the class gift. Eight percent of donors in the Class of 2012 gave at the Slade level, but their donations accounted for nearly 40% of the total gift. The Class of 2012 also holds the current Senior Slade membership record with 20 classmates contributing $100 or more. Your decision to give at the Senior Slade level can help the Class of 2013 surpass that milestone!

Network. Meet alumnae with a shared passion for Bryn Mawr. Exclusive events, both regional and on-campus, offer networking opportunities with fellow Slade Society members who have also demonstrated their dedication to Bryn Mawr with annual leadership gifts.

"How can I maintain my membership after I graduate?"

Slade Society Membership will also remain accessible after you graduate: Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) Slade Society membership = Numbers of years since graduation x $100 (i.e. '11 grads pay $200 in the 2013 fiscal year; ’10 grads pay $300, etc.)