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Race 'Round the Maypole

The 2014 Class Color Challenge

The Class Color Challenge is back! Dark Blue will have to work hard to win for a second year in a row. Red, Light Blue, and Green will each have the opportunity to win the title for themselves.

What is it? Race ’Round the Maypole is a competition to see which class color can reach the greatest number of Bryn Mawr Fund donors in the ten days leading up to May Day – April 25th to May 4th. Gifts by Bryn Mawr parents count, too, toward their daughter’s class color.

What do the winners get? The winning class color gets bragging rights and boasting privileges, of course. The class color will also be prominently displayed on the maypole during Reunion Weekend.

Why your gift matters. Every gift makes a Bryn Mawr education possible. Curious to know more about Bryn Mawr’s current class colors? Below, learn from today’s students how Bryn Mawr is shaping their lives.

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Amanda Beardall ’14

Amanda Beardall

Class Color: Dark Blue
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Portland, OR

Amanda is a busy student. Besides being involved with the Civic Engagement Office, SGA, and serving as Vice President of the Art Club, she is also a campus tour guide, hall advisor in Denbigh, and Bryn Mawr Banter Blogger.

Amanda has participated in three Praxis classes: one on educational psychology at Parkway West High School, one on women’s mental health and body image at the Baldwin School, and one teaching English at Nationalities Service Center. Amanda also traveled to Ghana as part of the 360° program Learning and Narrating Childhoods. “I didn’t realize how much the experience resonated with me,” she said, “until I returned home and began to reexamine my own assumptions and perspectives on Africa, literacy, and education.”

Current Class Colors: Dark Blue

The Class of 2014 will soon graduate! What are the most popular majors this year?
Math39 students
English34 students
Psychology31 students
History of Art22 students
Political Science22 students

No matter what a Bryn Mawr student chooses to study, innovative courses and expert faculty enrich her education.

Linda Yean ’15

 Linda Yean

Class Color: Green
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Linda’s family came to Philadelphia from Cambodia after escaping the genocide of the Khmer Rouge. Education is very important to her family, and Linda is focused on getting the best education possible. She chose Bryn Mawr because of its small classes and extensive offerings as part of the Tri-Co Consortium. The scholarship support Linda receives has enabled her to “reach for the stars.”

At Bryn Mawr, Linda discovered a passion for Anthropology, particularly for medical anthropology. Her education has opened her eyes to the realities of today’s global challenges. As a result, Linda wants to work in public health as a way to influence social change.

Angela Blatz ’16

Angela Blatz

Class Color: Light Blue
Major: Economics
Hometown: Mentor, OH

Angela is busy as an Economics major and German minor. And she’s also on the debate team, serves as a Student Ambassador for prospective students, is a member of the Owl Investment Group, and serves as Class Co-President.

Last summer, Angela interned at LIFT, a community non-profit in Philadelphia. She assisted clients with applying for jobs, insurance, and other services. She also helped by researching potential donors for the organization, analyzing data to grow their client base, and improving office efficiencies.

Angela likes Bryn Mawr's sense of community. May Day is her favorite Bryn Mawr tradition. It’s a chance to have fun with friends before final exams and summer goodbyes.

Current Class Colors: Light Blue

30.7% of the Class of 2016 are international students and come to Bryn Mawr from 34 countries.

16.9% of the Class of 2016 are first generation college students.

The Bryn Mawr Fund makes a distinctive, life-changing education possible for women from all backgrounds, from across the country and around the world.

Prianka Ball ’17

Prianka Ball

Class Color: Red
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Bangladesh

Prianka is an active member of Bryn Mawr’s Environmental Justice League. Back home in Bangladesh, she’s seen firsthand the devastating effects of climate change and damage to the environment. Prianka channels her passion into educating youth about environmental problems, and she plans to lead by example in her home country by building models for sustainability-minded businesses. This summer, Prianka will travel to Phoenix as part of the Clinton Global Initiative where she will connect with other student leaders.

Prianka loves that her class color is red. Red is a bright and loud color, and Prianka feels it suits her. She is really looking forward to her first May Day.

Current Class Colors: Financial Aid

% of students receiving some sort of financial aid in their first year  
2014 (Dark Blue)2015 (Green) 2016 (Light Blue) 2017 (Red)
79% 81% 79% 76%
  Gifts to The Bryn Mawr Fund are critical to supporting one of students’ greatest needs – financial aid.

Eleni Gizas ’14

Eleni Gizas

Class Color: Dark Blue
Majors: Archaeology
Hometown: Queens, NY

Eleni has a passion for Archaeology. When it came to choosing a college, Bryn Mawr and its respected Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology program was a natural fit. As a first year student, Eleni traveled to Athens to conduct excavation work. She returned in summer 2013 to intern at the Museum of Cycladic Art, where she led tours and developed an educational “app” for travelers as they toured Greece’s prehistoric sites.

For Eleni, Bryn Mawr has made her a more confident woman who is more comfortable in her own skin. After graduation, Eleni hopes to further her studies in a graduate program – she knows that the Bryn Mawr name, and the experience it conveys, will mean so much.

Monica Quinones-Rivera ’15

Monica Quinos Rivera

Class Color: Green
Major: Classics
Hometown: Cambridge, MA

The center of Monica’s academic life at Bryn Mawr is Classics. In summer 2013, she received a Hanna Holborn Gray research fellowship and used the opportunity to explore classical figures and agency in the plays of Shakespeare. Last semester, Monica studied abroad in Rome. And after she graduates next year, Monica would like to go to graduate school and eventually teach Classics at the college level.

Monica loves Bryn Mawr’s small, tight-knit community and thinks the College is a great intellectual space. When not studying and working in Carpenter Library, Monica likes to hang out with her friends.

Current Class Colors: Green

Class Colors: Green lantern

In the 2013-2014 year, 111 students in the Class of 2015 studied abroad.

Gifts to The Bryn Mawr Fund touch all aspects of students’ education, including study abroad programs, which prepare students to be citizens of our interconnected world.

Marian Bechtel ’16

Marian Bechtel

Class Color: Light Blue
Major: Geology
Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Marian recently presented her research on landmine detection at a TEDxTEEN event in New York City. Marian learned about landmines from a group of international scientists working on improving mine detection. Later, through her study of music, she realized that acoustic or seismic waves could be used to detect buried landmines. Her research has taken her to many science fairs, including the Royal Society’s 250th Summer Science Exhibition in London.

Fun fact: Marian is a Bi-Co baby! Her mother is Felicia Kegel Bechtel ’82, and her father is Timothy Bechtel, HC ’82. When she came to visit Bryn Mawr, she felt like she fit right in!

Siobhan Glynn ’17

Siobhan Glynn

Class Color: Red
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Boston, MA

Siobhan is planning to pursue a pre-med track with a concentration in neuro-science. Her interest in behavioral psychology and having two brothers with autism are at the center of her academic pathway. Understanding her brothers’ experiences gives Siobhan strength to achieve her goals.

Bryn Mawr’s traditions mean a lot to Siobhan. For her, traditions connect her more closely with the campus community. The Hell Week traditions helped Siobhan realize that she truly belongs at Bryn Mawr.

Current Class Colors: Internships

# of students who received internship funding for summer 2013  
2014 (Dark Blue)2015 (Green)2016 (Light Blue)
96 78 15
Internships are key components of today’s Bryn Mawr education. The Bryn Mawr Fund supports these important opportunities.  

Jenna Myers ’14

Jenna Myers

Class Color: Dark Blue
Major: Geology
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Jenna is very involved in campus life. She works in the Admissions Office and is a member of the swim team and Culinary Club. Academically, Jenna has benefitted greatly from Bryn Mawr’s 360° course clusters, participating in last year’s Renewable Energy course and this year’s Eco Literacy course. These innovative classes have been influential in Jenna discovering what she wants to accomplish with her life.

Before becoming a Bryn Mawr student herself, Jenna had a family connection to the College. Her father is a graduate of Haverford College, and he lived on Bryn Mawr’s campus for two years in the 1970s. For Jenna, Bryn Mawr feels like a home away from home.

Syona Arora ’15

Syona Arora

Class Color: Green
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Boston, MA / Pune, India

Syona loves Bryn Mawr’s strong campus community, and she feels like she really belongs at the College. For Syona, self-governance is important, and her involvement in SGA (next year, she’ll be SGA President) is an empowering experience.

The advancement of women is one of Syona’s passions. Her internship experience includes a position at the Ishanya Foundation in Pune, India, an organization that provides low-cost instruction for women looking for employment in the service industry. After graduation, but before pursuing a graduate degree in museum studies, Syona would like to find work at a non-profit that helps women become empowered.


Olga Ramos ’16

Olga Ramos

Class Color:Light Blue
Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Dayton, OH

  For Olga, the level of academic rigor at Bryn Mawr can’t be beat. She enjoys the intellectual conversations she has with her peers, analyzing an argument (even with herself), and the freedom to express her point of view. While she hasn’t yet declared her major, Olga knows she wants to major in Philosophy.

Olga loves the Bryn Mawr community because it is full of strong and powerful women. Her Bryn Mawr experiences have helped her be more open with herself and with others – the campus community inspires and pushes her to be everything she can be.

Lara Fields ’17

Lara Fields

Class Color: Red
Intended Major: Archaeology
Hometown: Houston, TX

Lara found Bryn Mawr in her search for a college with a strong archaeology department. She feels Bryn Mawr breeds an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and excellence. And for Lara, a women’s college is an ideal setting for learning. She believes that Bryn Mawr offers opportunities that far out-weigh those at co-ed colleges, as well as a dynamic and safe atmosphere for women to grow intellectually and to engage in open dialogues about women’s issues.

Lara is a member of Green Ambassadors, a sustainability group that promotes green initiatives on campus. In addition, she performs with the Bi-Co belly dance club "Yallah." For fun, she likes to relax with friends and explore Philadelphia.  

Current Class Colors: Red

  76% of students in the Class of 2017 receive some kind of financial aid, and the average grant from Bryn Mawr is $26,401.

The Bryn Mawr Fund helps the College recruit the best and brightest students by supporting competitive financial aid packages.

Take pride in your class color and help today’s students by taking part in Race ‘Round the Maypole 2014.

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