Planning a Gift

Bryn Mawr Legacy: A Gift for Learning, A Gift for the Future

There are a number of creative and flexible ways to establish your legacy today and ensure that future generations of young women will benefit from your generosity.

Opportunities to contribute to the continued excellence of the College include:

  • A Charitable Gift Annuity offers a donor or beneficiary a guaranteed fixed income for life while making a generous future gift to the College. Easy to establish, it also provides a current charitable tax deduction. The range of income is presently 6-10% depending on the age of the donor and the timing of the gift, and a portion of the annuity is usually exempt from federal income tax. Donors must be 65 years of age or older, and the minimum gift amount is $10,000.

  • It is possible for individuals who are at least 50 years old to establish an annuity in which payment of income is deferred until age 65 or older. Deferred Gift Annuities offer high charitable tax deductions at the time of the gift. They are often attractive to those who wish to supplement existing retirement plans and can use the charitable deduction while they are still employed. The minimum gift amount is $10,000.

  • A Charitable Remainder Trust is a life income gift that pays a variable income to a beneficiary, revalued annually, and provides a future gift to Bryn Mawr. In addition, benefits include a current tax deduction and potential capital gains tax savings on gifts of appreciated assets. The trusts are individually managed and invested to meet a donor’s particular needs and wishes. Individual beneficiaries may receive this income for life or a specified term up to 20 years. The minimum gift to establish a charitable remainder trust is $100,000.

  • Charitable Lead Trusts are often viewed as the opposite of a charitable remainder trust. A charitable lead trust pays an annual sum to the College for a designated period of time. When the term ends, the trust assets revert to the donor or other beneficiaries. A lead trust benefits the College now, while potentially reducing gift and estate taxes for the donor’s heirs.

  • A Retained Life Estate is a gift plan that enables you to donate your home (including a vacation home) or farm to Bryn Mawr College and continue to use the property for your lifetime. Not only do you receive a current tax deduction, but you will provide generous support to the College in the future.