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"Meet Samyuktha Natarajan ’15, urban gardener "

In the classroom. Samyuktha participated in a 360° course on sustainability, one of Bryn Mawr's innovative, interdisciplinary programs. She hasn't yet declared a major, but this sophomore is leaning towards education and environmental studies.

In the community. Samyuktha secured summer funding from Bryn Mawr and a grant from a local organization to purchase gardening materials, turning her 360° experience into a summer internship. Samyuktha taught students at Parkway West High School about sustainability, food justice, and urban gardening. She worked with the high school students to plant and maintain a garden, and made a documentary on the role of gardens in urban communities.

In the future. At Bryn Mawr, Samyuktha has learned much about herself, benefited from dynamic academic experiences, and developed leadership skills. Whatever her future holds, she’ll be prepared to succeed.

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Samyuktha Natarajan '15

Samyuktha Natarajan '15