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Meet Dr. Selby Cull, Assistant Professor of Geology, planetary mineralogist

Bryn Mawr was Dr. Selby Cull's top choice in her search for a teaching position. She loves the student centered community and has enormous respect for students' intelligence and dedication. She brings with her expertise that enables students to conduct the kind of original research that makes a Bryn Mawr education so distinctive.

Dr. Cull specializes in the mineralogy of Mars and took part in the mission that sent the Phoenix lander to the arctic regions of Mars in 2008, the very first mission of its kind. Dr. Cull uses data collected by the Phoenix lander to map Mars' mineral deposits and has found minerals that only occur in the presence of water, indicating that water was once plentiful on the planet. She incorporates real-world data and analytical methods in teaching mineralogy, and her students are conducting their own research utilizing data from the historic Phoenix mission.

For Dr. Cull, Bryn Mawr is an exceptional place. Bryn Mawr is where faculty and the entire college community come together to ensure that students benefit from a rich and fulfilling educational experience.

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Dr. Selby Cull

Dr. Selby Cull