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"Bryn Mawr is . . . inspiration"

Meet Victoria Sear '13, Anthropology and Linguistics double-major, promising researcher

Vicki loves that Bryn Mawr students share a strong desire to work hard and to understand the world. This common bond inspires students to push themselves intellectually. It inspired Vicki to design a summer project that would ignite in her a true passion.

In search of a project, Vicki approached the Prudence Crandall Museum in Canterbury, Connecticut, where, in 1833, Crandall opened the first school for African American women in New England. She worked with the curator to create an internship to research the town’s African American community in the 19th century. Prior studies did not exist, so Vicki took the lead, tracking down tax, census and property records from across Connecticut. Contributing greatly to the museum, she gave a presentation on the Lathrops, one of Canterbury's African American families, and is working to produce an exhibit entitled "Friends and Neighbors."

A thirst for knowledge – that noble Bryn Mawr virtue – inspired Vicki to pursue original scholarship. Summer funding through an Alumnae Regional Scholarship made it possible for her to take it on. The methods of inquiry and interpretation Vicki employed in her project, and the thrill of discovery, inspired in her a love of the practice of research, which she plans to make her life’s work.

Your support sparks inspiration.

What does it mean to be inspired, to reach beyond curiosity and embark upon new and uncharted intellectual pathways? For Bryn Mawr students, inspiration is a way of life.

The Bryn Mawr experience – the profound depth of instruction in classrooms and lively discussions around dining-hall tables – ignites in students a passion for learning and a sense of courage to follow their inspiration wherever it may lead them. The knowledge that Bryn Mawr has resources to support independent study provides students with a confidence that emboldens their journeys.

Victoria Sear '13

Victoria Sear '13