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Betty Vermey '58

"Betty Vermey is a visionary. She saw today's global community long before anyone else did and enlightened Bryn Mawr through her passion for and dedication to the development of Bryn Mawr's international student body. In so doing, she not only provided access and opportunity to many foreign students to experience the United States but also exposed the rest of the Bryn Mawr community to the many different countries and cultures of the world."

--Helen Lho-Ryu '83

During her 30-year tenure, Betty brought new diversity to Bryn Mawr through her early embrace of the College Student Search Service, which helped the College reach students from all parts of the country, and through her pioneering work to create a truly international student body. Long before most US colleges and universities made international recruiting a standard practice, Betty had made Bryn Mawr a familiar and esteemed name in distinguished secondary schools around the globe.

The Vermey Scholarship Fund, launched with a generous pledge by Helen Lho-Ryu '83, now totals over $600,000 in gifts and pledges. Tuition and fees at Bryn Mawr are now at $53,424 per year, so the ultimate goal is to raise an endowment that will produce income sufficient to cover a major portion of an international student's tuition each year. Thanks to the generous support of Betty's friends, the fund is already supporting a partial financial aid award this year.

International students (or those with dual citizenship) currently account for approximately 10% of Bryn Mawr's student body. Bryn Mawr continues to attract outstanding international students who are fully integrated into the life of the community, with the vast majority taking advantage of opportunities available to them inside and outside of the classroom.

Your gift or pledge will help to build the endowment to honor Betty Vermey. Please click here to make a gift (type Vermey Scholarship in the other designation box), or contact Sally Harrison '71, Associate Chief Development Officer, 610.526.6530 or