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Linda Leeuwrik

My project is to prepare a descriptive online guide to the extensive collection of books on London held in the College’s Special Collections. Many of these books are only partially catalogued and thus difficult to find, which suggested the usefulness of a website introducing this rich resource to scholars and researchers interested in London’s multi-faceted and colorful history.

Linda Leeuwrik
Accumulated over the years through purchases as well as generous gifts from collectors—J. Hampton Barnes and Seymour Adelman among them—the collection ranges in date from the sixteenth to the twentieth century and contains works dealing with the development of the city as an urban area, many illustrated and descriptive works by important artists and illustrious literary figures, and all the various editions of the standard histories of the city. One of the collection’s major strengths and a particular research and teaching interest of mine is the city’s architecture, beautifully rendered in every manner, from seventeenth-century engravings to nineteenth-century lithographs to twentieth-century photographs.

I began my work this summer with an exhaustive search of Tripod and Special Collections’ files to compile a comprehensive list of the London books. My next task has been to develop and define categories, under which the many books could be grouped, with these groupings to provide the basic organizational structure of the website. I have also begun the most pleasurable process of looking at the books themselves, thinking about which images to use for the website, which would best illustrate the collection’s highlights—always an exciting endeavor for an art historian—and researching the many different aspects of the collection in preparation for writing the introductory essays to the various sections of the website.