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Annette M. Baertschi
Associate Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies
Director of Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics and History of Art
Thomas Hall 241
Phone: 610-526-7569
Lisa M. Kolonay
Administrative Assistant

Peter Magee

Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
Ph.D.: The University of Sydney, 1996
Curriculum Vitae

Office: Thomas Hall 228
Phone: 610/526-5385

Research Interests:

My research interests include the archaeology of imperialism in south and west Asia, human habitation of arid environments and the history of European exploration of the Middle East, particularly Arabia.

Recent Publications:

The production, distribution, and function of Iron Age bridge-spouted vessels in Iran and Arabia: Results from recent excavations and geochemical analysis. Iran. Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies 2005 XVI: 93-115.

Columned halls, bridge-spouted vessels, C14 dates and the chronology of the east Arabian Iron Age: A response to some recent comments by Muscarella. Ancient West and East 2005: 4:1: 160-169.

P Magee. D Barber, M Sobur and S Jasim, Sourcing Iron Age softstone artefacts in southeastern Arabia: Results from a pilot program of analysis using Inductively Coupled Plasma – MS/OES. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 2005: 16: 129-143.

P Magee, C Petrie, R Knox and F Khan, The Achaemenid Empire in south Asia and recent excavations at Akra, (NWFP, Pakistan). American Journal of Archaeology 2005: 109: 711-741.