Fields of Study

Theareas of departmental focus are the art and archaeology of the Greek and Roman world and its Mediterranean predecessors and the art and archaeology of the ancient Near East. It is expected that students will take a braod range of courses in these fields as they develop their programs of study in their major and allied subjects. Allied subjects are ancient languages (Greek, Latin, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Hebrew, Hittite, Egyptian), ancient history, history of art, anthropology, or a science related to the program of the student.

Graduate instruction takes the form of seminars and tutorial units of supervised study.  The Graduate Advisor, in consultation with the faculty and the student, designs a course of study that provides each student with breadth of training as well as specialized preparation in his or her chosen areas of emphasis. Depending on their major fields,  students normally pursue appropriate language study in ancient Greek or Latin at Bryn Mawr, or in Akkadian and Sumerian at the University of Pennsylvania.  Appropriate coursework in history and art history is also advised. Students are required to take one Graduate Seminar offered by the faculty of the Graduate Group.