Fall 2014 Graduate Course Offerings

Course  Course Title  Instructor   Class Hours
Arch 516 Trade & Transport in the Ancient World Peter Magee MW 10:10-11:30am
ARCH 605 The Concept of Style

A. A. Donohue

M 4:10-6:00pm


Archaeology & Nationalism Evrydiki Tasopoulou TTH 12:55-2:15pm

Spring 2015 Graduate Course Offerings

Course Course Title Instructor Class Hours
ARCH 505 Topics in Ancient Athens Evrydiki Tasopoulou

M 12:10-4:00pm

ARCH 628 Assyria & the West Mehmet Ali Ataç T 4:10-6:00pm
ARCH 643 Mortuary Practices Evrydiki Tasopoulou W 12:10-2:00pm

List of Graduate Seminars and Courses

Seminar topics are determined for each semester in consultation with the graduate students.

605: The Concept of "Style"  (Donohue)

607: Architectural Sculpture (Webb)

608: The Interpretation of Programs of Greek Architectural Sculpture  (Donohue)
609: Greek Sanctuaries  (staff)

610: Greek Architecture (Wright)

611: Athenian Topography  (staff)
612: The Acropolis of Athens  (staff)
614: Greek Identity  (staff)
615: Mystery Cults (Webb)
617: The Origins of the Greek Polis  (Wright)
618: Macedonian Archaeology  (staff)
619: Topics in Hellenistic Archaeology  (Webb)
620: Monumental Painting and Mosaics  (staff)
622: Classical Conceptions of the Human Figure  (Donohue)
623: Alexander the Great (Lindenlauf)
624: Issues in Greek Vase Painting  (staff)
625: The Historiography of Greek and Roman Art  (Donohue)
627: The Idea of the Monument  (Donohue)
631: The Early Bronze Age in the Aegean: the Cyclades and the Mainland  (Wright)
632: Aegean Prehistory   (Wright)
633: Neo- and Post-Palatial Crete  (Wright)
635: The Shaft Graves, Thera and Neo-Palatial Crete  (Wright)
636: The Mycenaeans  (Wright)
637: Middle Helladic and Early Mycenaean Archaeology  (Wright)
638: Archaeology of Assyria (Ataç)
639: Iron Age-Greece (Wright)
641: Case Studies in Mortuary Analysis  (Wright)
645: Ethnicity in Near Eastern Archaeology  (staff)
647: Methods of Comparative Chronology  (staff)
648: Method and Theory in Archaeology  (staff)
652: Ancient Egyptian Architecture   (Ataç)
653: Style Analysis of Ceramics  (Magee)
655: Urartu and Feudalism  (staff)
657: Syro-Hittite Sites and Their Art  (staff)
658: Nomadism and Urbanism in Syria-Palestine  (staff)
659: Problems in Mycenaean Archaeology  (Wright)
661: Pergamon and Samothrace  (Webb)
664: Problems in Third Millennium Syria-Palestine  (staff)
665: The Halaf Period  (staff)
667: Column of Trajan (Webb)
669: Ancient Greece & the Near East (Ataç)
677: Iconography  (Ataç/Kinney/Hamilton)
680: Problems in the Archaeology of Mesopotamia  (staff)
681: Organization and Planning of Near Eastern Cities  (staff)
683: The Art of the Assyrians  (staff)
692: Achaemenids and Persians  (staff)
693: Studies in Greek Pottery  (staff)
696: Kingship and Early States (Ataç)
727: Pompeii (Webb)