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Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics and History of Art
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Dale Kinney
Director Phone: 610-526-5342
Carpenter Carrel A6

Lisa M. Kolonay
Administrative Assistant

Seminar Schedule-Fall 2014


  Archaeology and Nationalism TTH 12:55-2:15 PM
TBA Evrydiki Tasopoulou
GREK B620-001
  Herodotus M 4:10-6 PM CARP 17 Sydnor Roy
LATN B650-001   Topics in Latin Literature: Catullus M 2:10-4 PM Taylor Hall, Seminar Room Benjamin Stevens
GREK B623-001
  Sophocles W 2:10-4 PM CARP 17 Asya Sigelman
LATN B615-001

  Roman Biography TH 2:10-4 PM TH 102 R. Scott
GSEMB619001   Death & the Beyond-Ancient Greece and China TH 2:10-4 PM CARP 15 Radcliffe Edmunds & Shiamin Kwa

ARCH 517

  Trade and Transport in the Ancient World TBA TBA Peter Magee
ARCH 605   The Concept of Style M 4:10-6 PM TH 102 Alice Donohue

ARCH 654

  Archaeology of Prehistoric Arabia TBA CARP 17 Peter Magee

HART 610

  Topics in Medieval Art-Surveying Byzantium W 2:10-4 PM TH 102 Alicia Walker
HART 651
  Topics, Interpretation & Theory - Approaches to Abstraction M 4:10 6 PM CARP 13 Lisa Saltzman
HART 673   Contemporary Art in Exhibition W 2:10-6 PM CARP 15 Rebecca DeRoo

HART 680

  Topics in Contemporary Art - Museums in a Global World TH 2:10-4 PM CARP 13 Rebecca DeRoo

Seminar Schedule-Spring 2015




Topics in Ancient Athens M 12:10-2 PM TBA Evrydiki Tasopoulou
GREK B639-001

Greek Orators: Classical Athens  W 1:10-4 PM CARP 15 Radcliffe Edmonds
LATN B637-001      
Vergil: Aeneid     TH 2:10-4 PM  Thomas 223 Benjamin Stevens

ARCH 628

Assyria and the West T 4:10-6 PM TBA Mehmet-Ali Atac
HART 610

Topics in Medieval Art-Byzantine Objects: Things TH 2:10-4 PM TBA Alicia Walker

HART 630

Topics in Renaissance Art-Cultures of Collecting W 4:10-6 PM TBA Christiane Hertel

HART 645

Problems in Representation TH 4:10-6 PM TBA David Cast
HART 680 Topics in Contemporary Art-The Global Present M 2:10-4 PM TBA Lisa Saltzman