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Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics and History of Art
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Dale Kinney
Director Phone: 610-526-5342
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Lisa M. Kolonay
Administrative Assistant


Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
MEHMET-ALI ATAÇ (Ph.D., Harvard), Associate Professor and Major Advisor
Research interests: Visual and intellectual traditions of the ancient Near East, Neo-Assyrian art and architecture, ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian kingship. (On leave 2013/2014)

A. A. DONOHUE (Ph.D., Institute of Fine Arts at New York University), Rhys Carpenter Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Chair and Graduate Advisor

Research interests: History and historiography of classical art.

PETER MAGEE (Ph.D., University of Sydney), Professor
Research interests:
Archaeology of imperialism in south and west Asia, human habitation of arid environments and the history of European exploration of the Middle East, particularly Arabia.

ASTRID LINDENLAUF (Ph.D., University College, London) Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor

Research interests: Greek archaeology; following the tradition of material culture studies. (On leave 2014/2015)

(Ph.D., Bryn Mawr), Professor, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
Research interests: Aegean prehistory and Greek archaeology, spatial theory, archaeological theory and method.
Director, The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2012-2017.

Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies

ANNETTE M. BAERTSCHI (Ph.D., Humboldt University), Associate Professor
Research interests: Roman literature, especially post-Augustan poetry; Greek and Latin epic; ancient drama (tragedy) and performance; reception of classical literature and culture; ancient magic and religion; Latin meter; Renaissance and Neo-Latin studies.

CATHERINE CONYBEARE (Ph.D., University of Toronto), Professor, Graduate Advisor
Research interests: Late Antiquity, Early Christian Studies, contemporary theory. (On leave 2014/2015)

RADCLIFFE G. EDMONDS III (Ph.D., University of Chicago), Paul Shorey Professor of Greek and Chair of the Department of Greek, Latin, & Classical Studies
Research interests: Greek myth, Greco-Roman religion and magic, Greek philosophy.

RUSSELL T. SCOTT (Ph.D,. Yale), Doreen C. Spitzer Professor of Latin and Classical Studies
Research interests: Roman history and historiography, Roman archaeology and history of the republican and imperial periods with special reference to Italy and the western provinces.

ASYA SIGELMAN (Ph.D., Brown University), Assistant Professor
Research interests: Homeric epic, Archaic Greek lyric, Athenian tragedy, the biography genre, Greek and Roman novel.

Department of History of Art

DAVID J. CAST (Ph.D., Columbia University), Professor
Research interests: Renaissance art and criticism, architecture since 1400, British art of the 20th century.

CHRISTIANE HERTEL (Ph.D. Eberhard Karls-Universität Tübingen), Professor and Major Advisor
Research interests: German, Austrian and Netherlandish art.

HOMAY KING (Ph.D., Berkeley), Associate Professor and Director of Program in Film Studies, and Director of the Center for Visual Culture
Research interests: American film history, film theory, and feminist, psychoanalytic and rhetorical theory.

STEVEN Z. LEVINE (Ph.D., Harvard), Leslie Clark Professor in the Humanities
Research interests: 16th- to 20th-century French painting, poetry, philosophy; psychoanalysis, self-portraiture, visual theory.

LISA SALTZMAN (Ph.D., Harvard), Professor, Chair and Graduate Advisor
Research interests: Post-World War II art and theory, gender and identity, memory and trauma.

ALICIA WALKER (Ph.D., Harvard), Assistant Professor
Research interests: Byzantine art and architectural history, particularly of the early and middle periods; cross-cultural interaction in the medival world; gender and sexuality in medieval art and culture.

Affiliated Faculty

CAROLA HEIN (Dr.-Ing. Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg), Professor in the Program in Growth and Structure of Cities

SHIAMIN KWA (Ph.D., Harvard), Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies
Office:  Thomas Hall 127

HOANG  TAN NGUYEN (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley), Assistant Professor
Queer Experimental Film and Video
Asian American Visual Culture
New Media Studies
Video Production
Office: English House 202, x 5403


RICHARD ELLIS (Ph.D., Yale), Professor Emeritus
Research interests: Near Eastern Archaeology

JULIA H. GAISSER (Ph.D., Edinburgh), Eugenia Chase Guild Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Latin Emeritus
Research interests: Republican and Augustan poetry, the classical tradition.

RICHARD HAMILTON (Ph.D., University of Michigan), Paul Shorey Professor of Greek Emeritus ; he served as Director of Graduate Group from January 2005-August 2006.
Research interests: Greek lyric poetry, Greek drama, Greek religion.

STELLA MILLER-COLLETT (Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College), Rhys Carpenter Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Emeritus
Research interests:  Ancient Painting, Greek and Roman Archaeology, Macedonian Archaeology.

BARBARA MILLER LANE (Ph.D., Harvard), Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus in the Humanities and Professor Emeritus of History.

Professor Miller Lane served as Director of the Graduate Group in Classics, Archaeology and History of Art from May to December 2004.

BRUNILDE S. RIDGWAY (Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College), Rhys Carpenter Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Emeritus

Research interests: Greek and Roman Sculpture, and Roman Archaeology.

DALE KINNEY (Ph.D., New York University.), Professor of History of Art Emeritus
Research interests: Late antique art, medieval Rome, Spolia.