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Vol. 6 No. 35 February - March 2017

Cuts to federal resarch support?

Spending at federal agencies for the 2017 fiscal year, which began last October, is currently frozen at 2016 levels through the end of April under a so-called continuing resolution. The Trump administration must soon decide whether to weigh in as Congress completes work on the 12 appropriations bills that divvy up some $1.1 trillion in discretionary spending. The details matter; funding the first tranche of a multibillion-dollar boost for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is in the mix, for example. The White House could also signal support for controversial policy riders that would bar agencies from spending money on enforcing particular regulations, including environmental rules. The question is not if research spending will be cut but when and where. Currently, arts and humanities are on the firing line but so are major areas of science support.

Trump is reportedly planning to unveil the broad outlines of his budget request for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year, with details to follow in May. That will be the first real description of his spending priorities. It seems  unlikely that Trump will maintain the tradition of devoting between 10% and 12% of discretionary spending to research and development? It seems more likely that he will call for deep cuts to climate and environmental science, and research on renewable energy technologies.  This would be in keeping with his recent efforts to reduce restrictions on corporate entities and allow them free rein without concern for energy conservation and the environment.  It may be a long,  hard four years for the kind of research that takes place on college campuses and it may be impossible to find enough alternate resources to take up the slack.



Associate Professor of Physics Xuemei Cheng has received an award of $50,104 from The National Science Foundation for her collaborative work with the University of Pennsylvania on a Science and Technology Center for Mechano-Biology.

Director of Field Education in the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Beth Lewis was notified of an award of $10,000 from the Council on Social Work Education for her training project for “Policy Practice in Field Education”

Professor of Social Work and Social Research Julia Littell has been awarded $15,000 by the Norwegian Institute to support her collaborative efforts with them on Provision of Educational Services.


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