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Grant Opportunities



Vol. 6 No. 30 October - December 2015

Faculty Awards and Grants Competition

The fall Faculty Awards and Grants deadline has been set for November 6, 2015.  Proposals are due electronically in the Sponsored Research office by Friday, November 6. The rules for submission can be found at  Please review them carefully prior to submission.


The American Association for the Advancement of Science manages and administers Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (  in five program areas to provide the opportunity for accomplished scientists and engineers to participate in and contribute to the federal policymaking process while learning firsthand about the intersection of science and policy. The fellowships in congressional offices are funded by approximately 30 partner scientific and engineering societies. The fellowships in executive branch agencies are funded by the hosting offices.

The fellowships are highly competitive and use a peer-review selection process. Review is followed by individual interviews in Washington, DC, conducted by selection committees comprised of professionals with expertise in the interface of science, technology, and policy. Learn more information about the selection and placement process.

Following selection, Fellows come to Washington, DC, in September of each year and participate in a comprehensive orientation program before beginning their fellowships in the various sectors of government. AAAS also conducts a professional development program throughout the year.

The fellowship programs have several basic requirements in common. Applicants must have a PhD or an equivalent doctoral-level degree at the time of application. Individuals with a master’s degree in engineering and at least three years of post-degree professional experience also may apply. Some programs require additional experience. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Federal employees are not eligible for the fellowships. Read more about the application requirements.

Please note that the deadline for all programs is 1 November.



Professor of Russian Dan Davidson has received notice of continuing funding in the amount of $699,330 for his Assessment Maintenance project, and $642,440 for his African Language Initiative, and $142,264 for his Language Survey project.  These are being supported by the National Security Education Program under the Flagship Language project.

Assistant Professor of ChemistryYan Kung has been awarded an AREA grant by the National Institutes of Health in the amount of $287,950 to support his project “Structural Investigation and Manipulation of Key Regulatory Enzymes in the Mevolanate Pathway of Isoprenoid Biosynthesis.”

Professor of Psychology Clark McCauley has been awarded $80,000 by the Department of Homeland Security through the Center for the Study of Terrorism to support his project entitled “Tracking Attitudes within American Subcultures.”

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Djordje Milicivec has received funding of $135,000 from the National Science Foundation to support his project “Arithmetic Manifolds, Automorphic Forms, Exponential Sums, and L-Functions.”

Classics Research Associate Lee Pearcy has been awarded additional funding in the amount of $10,000 from the CAAS for his project “Classicizing Philadelphia.”

Assistant Professor of Biology Sydne Record has received a grant in the amount from the National Science Foundation in the amount of $124,577 for her project “EAGER-NEON: Using Intraspecific Trait Variations to Understand Processes Structuring Continental-Scale Biodiversity Patterns.”

Professor of Latin Russell Scott has been awarded a grant in the amount of $6200 to pursue his project entitled “Inscription of Republican and Imperial Date.”



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