Indirect Cost Rates, Benefits, Policies and Other Grants Data

Information and/or forms necessary for proposal submission or post-award administration at Bryn Mawr College.

Indirect Cost Rate

The College has a negotiated rate for basic operational costs associated with grants. This rate should be applied to all grants unless the funder specifically limits such charges. The current rate can be obtained from the Sponsored Research Office.

On Campus – 45% of modified direct costs (excluding capital expenditures, buildings, individual items of equipment; alteration and renovations, and that portion of any subaward in excess of $25,000. See attached IDC Agreement

Off Campus - 18% of modified direct costs

Date of Agreement – December 03, 2013

Effective Dates – 06/01/2013-05/31/2017

Fringe Benefit Rates

Benefit rates associated with salary calculations for anyone being paid by a grant vary according to the position. These rates cover the College's share of FICA, and the cost of unemployment coverage, tuition benefit, health care, and pension.  Current rates (FY 2017) are:  To see rates for 2018-2021 please click here

Faculty - 32.6%

Postdocs - 40%

Admin/Prof - 32.6%

Clerical/Technical - 39.5%

Service/Crafts - 51%

Students - 10% Summer Only (Cont. Grad. Students - 10% during academic year also)

Other Grant Related Information

Other information that may be required for grant applications: Congressional districts, DUNS number, EIN number, Federal Institutional Code, animal welfare number, and Scientific Misconduct Policy dates.

Congressional District - 7th PA

PA District - House 148th

Senate 17th

County - Montgomery

DUNS Number - 067398420

Federal ID Number (EIN number)– 231352621

FWA Number - 0008695

IORG Number - 00010390

Animal Welfare Number - A3920-01

Fed. Institutional Code - 00-3237

Scientific Misconduct - January 12, 1994 and annually since

OMB Supercircular