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Applying for Admission with Financial Support

What We Offer


Bryn Mawr offers many forms of financial support, including fellowships, tuition awards, teaching, research, and curatorial assistantships, and summer stipends. Thanks to a generous private donation and an NEH Challenge Grant, we also have several distinguished fellowships for exceptionally qualified applicants to departments in the Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics, and History of Art.

Fellowships and assistantships include tuition awards.  Tuition awards cover the tuition charges for up to 6 units of coursework (3 each semester), which is a full-time course load except for TAs, who may take only 2 units each semester.

To apply for any form of financial support, all you need to do is answer yes to the question, "Do you wish to be considered for financial support?" in the application form (online and pdf).

For Applicants to the Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics and History of Art

GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCES (GSAS) FELLOWSHIPS carry stipends up to $18,500 (including a health insurance subsidy with the possibility of an additional summer stipend of $2,500) and may be guaranteed for multiple years.

ARETÉ FELLOWSHIPS carry stipends of $23,000 (which includes support for the academic year and summer). Areté, Greek for "excellence", denotes superior achievement in any one of the fields of the Graduate Group.

MULTI-DISCIPLINARY FELLOWSHIPS carry stipends of $22,500 ($18,500 plus a summer stipend of $4,000). These are funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and are for applicants qualified to do graduate work in more than one discipline. Departments will nominate for this award those applicants whose records show that they have the depth and breadth of training, including language competence, and the commitment to follow an interdisciplinary program of study.

For Applicants to the Graduate Group in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics

DEAN'S FELLOWSHIPS carry stipends up to $18,500 (including a health insurance subsidy) as well as a summer stipend of $5,000 and may be guaranteed for multiple years. They are intended to enhance the diversity of our graduate student body.  

TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS have annual packages ranging from $18,500 to $23,500, depending on program. They carry summer stipends for the summer following the academic year. Teaching assistantships provide stipends equivalent to fellowships, in exchange for a maximum of 17.5 hours of work per week in departmentally assigned teaching duties. Teaching assistantships are renewable annually, on the basis of departmental recommendation.

How it Works


All financial support from the GSAS is awarded on the basis of merit rather than need. Merit is determined by the faculty in the department to which the applicant has applied, on the basis of academic promise gauged from the application dossier. Departmental recommendations for support are reviewed by the Committee on Graduate Awards, which approves or denies recommendations on the basis of an overview of applications to all departments. Final decisions are made by the Dean on the basis of the Committee's advice.



Other Possibilities


The Student Financial Services office, in the Benham Gateway Building, can help students apply for student loans.  U.S. citizens and permanent residents applying for Stafford and other federal loans are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To print out this form go to  For more information about federal loan possibilities, go to the Federal Student Financial Assistance homepage: