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Health Insurance (2014-2015)

All graduate students are required to complete our insurance registration process. During this process you will be asked to either provide information on your current medical insurance coverage, or confirm enrollment in the College-sponsored Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you do not complete this registration process by deadline, September 2, 2014, you will be automatically enrolled in the Program and obliged to pay its costs.

To Waive or Enroll in the College Plan click here:

All students must either accept or waive the College insurance.  After September 2nd, if you have not waived it, your automatic enrollment in the College Plan is final and cannot be changed, whether or not you have obtained other insurance.

The cost of health insurance premiums will be billed to students by Bryn Mawr and will be payable to Bryn Mawr College.  Students whose GSAS financial support package includes a subsidy for health insurance will receive the subsidy as a credit against their account with the BMC Comptroller's office.  They will be responsible for paying the balance.  Students without subsidies will have to pay the full cost of any premiums. 

In 2014-2015 the cost of the graduate plan is $4,020 ($2,010 per semester), which includes insurance premiums and the fee for the Bryn Mawr College Health Center. The cost is billed in two installments, one each semester.  Monthly payments can be arranged through the Comptroller's Office, (610) 526-5265.  For international students, the cost is $1,416, billed at the beginning of the Fall semester.  This insurance covers accident and sickness only.  For an additional $389, international students may also use all the services of Bryn Mawr's Health Center.