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This is a list of senior theses; earlier years are unfortunately incomplete.  If you fi

nd an inconsistency or would like to add an entry, please contact us.

2015-2016 Senior Theses:

Kate Beschen, "Photorealism as a Masquerade: Painting in the Age of the Photograph"
Caroline Cassidy, "Museums with Momentum: The Dancer's Body at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Barnes Foundation"
Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein, "Reading as Resistance: 'Contraproyecto' by Carla Grandi and 'La Nueva Novela' by Juan Luis Martínez as Works of Conceptual Art Against the Chilean Dictatorship"
Claudia Delaplace, "Myrna Báez: Puerto Rican Identity, Landscape, and the Female Nude"
Zhujun BamBoo Ding, "Collective Western Fantasies of Chinese Culture & Yves Saint-Laurent’s Chinoiserie"
Elisabeth Hawthorne, "Our El Grecos: The Legacy of a Complex Historiography in Current El Greco Scholarship"
Dylan Kahn, "Constructing a New Woman for the Twentieth Century: Transgressing Gender Divisions in John Singer Sargent's 'Miss M. Carey Thomas'"
Jillian Moroney, "Vincent Price and Sears: The Act of Marketing Art"
Sara Symozcko, "Love & [Blood] Money: The Function of Commodity and Domestic Space in HBO's 'The Sopranos'"

2014-2015 Senior Theses:

Alex Adams, "Free of Your Own History": Constructing Anthony Harvey's Dutchman as Slave Narrative
Kristen Andersen, "The Complicated Truth of Yinka Shonibare's The Scramble for Africa"
Tianmin Chen, "The Social Life of Empress Wu's Calligraphy"
Christine Dickerson, "Transforming the Hard-Boiled Detective Genre: An Analysis of Chinatown in Relation to Vertigo and Volver"
Micah Dornfeld, "Awa Tsireh's "Costume Dancer Series": Resistance and Identity in Pueblo Painting
Sarah Ferrieri, "Depictions of Early Colonial Medical Care in Central Mexican Codices, 1500-1600"
Gabrielle Fiorillo, "Separation and Stillness: A Reflection on Tacita Dean's Film Installation Merce Cunningham Performs STILLNESS (in Three Movements) to John Cage's Composition 4'33"
Ariane Giles, "Hidden Histories: Reconstructing Legitimacy in African American Visual Culture"
Lili Hutchnison, Finding "Englishness" in William Kent's Rousham
Elsa Liao,"Turner Mixing Genres in Aeneas Paintings"
Jenna McKinley, "Fashion Forward: Clothing and Controversy in Madame X"
Leigh Peterson, "Appropriation, Identity, and Universal Power: The Art of King Roger II of Sicily, 1130-1150"
Abby Placik, "Les Deux Amis Lyonnais: Associatoin and Local Identity in Paintings of Pierre Révoil and Fleury Richard"
Jennifer Rabowsky, "Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's Jane Avril: A Performance of Hysteria"
Pailyn (Nina) Singhapakdi, "The Visual Objectification of Eve in the Venetian Renaissance"
Ellie Stewart, "The Ancient Narrative of a New Nation: Rome’s Cultural Patrimony as Italy’s Legacy"
Yifei Wu, "The Dots and the Mountains: An Analysis of Roy Lichtenstein's Landscape of the Chinese Style"
Joana Yasui, "A Bit Like You and Me": The Creation and Reception of Yoshitomo Nara's Depictions of Youth in Post-Disaster Japan

2013-2014 Senior Theses:

Camilla Aguais, "Structure, Form, and Meaning in Pre-Inca Peruvian Textiles: Gauzes of the Chancay"
Isabel Andrews, "The Living Discourse of Quilting: Practice, Social History, and Exhibition"
Ingrid Asplund, "A Loop after Loop: Olek and Yarn in the Streets"
Wendy Chen, "Iterations of the Void"
Allie Eisenberg, "Humanist Aesthetics and Politics of the Body in the Late Films of Pier Paolo Pasolini"
Michael Ferrara, "Chris Ware's Building Stories"
Emiliee Finkelstein, "Mourning, Meloncholia, and the Palast der Republik"
Ivy Gray-Klein, "Alternative Histories: Temporality, Diaspora, and Reclamation in the Brooklyn Museum's Period Rooms"
Emma Gulley, "Resurrecting the Midwife: Re-examining 15th Century Birth of the Virgin Scenes"
Xingzhe He, "A Contemporary Portrait: Buying Everything on You and Love Stories"
Micaela Houtkin, "Vincent Van Gogh's Treatment of the Night Sky with a Concentration on Art as Consolation"
Megha Joshi, "National Identity in the Popular Culture of India"
Allie Kandel, "Home is Where the Heart Is: An Exploration of the Role of the Home"
Joanna Kessler, "Examining and Contextualizing Monica Sjoo"
Allie Levitan, "Creating Community through Visual Imagery: Photography and Public Art"
Egina Manachova, "The Conditions of Violence and the Role of Imagination in Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing"
Deborah Matus, "Compartimentalization of Loss: Jasper Johns as Precursor to Robert Gober"
Alexis Miller, "Edgar Degas: Self-Representation in/as Other"
Euna Park, "Why Does the Gardener Heist Matter?"
Samone Rowe, "The Architectural Mirror and Romanita: Agents of Identity in Rome"
Anni Turkel, "Papoose: A Work of Conceptual Dance by Jill Sigman"
Christine Villanueva, "Bent Out of Shape: Exploring Gumby in Raymond Pettibon's Drawings"
Grace Yue Xie, "Painting Neighborhood in Self-Exile"
Qianni Zhu, "Les Fleurs du Mal? Odilon Redon's Pursuit of Happiness through Embracing the Exteriority"

2012-2013 Senior Theses:

Kyle Aguilar, "Theatrical Feminities: Mary Robinson on the Stage of British Portraiture"
Emily Bartell, "Portraiture and Identity in the Age of Social Media: Ray Beldner's 101 Facebook Friends"
Sitara Chowfla, "Action is the Antidote to Despair: Candy Chang and the Activation of Urban Communities through Participation"
Athena Christie, "Striking Encounters: Visual Violence in the Religious Artwork of the Spanish Golden Age"
Alexandra Colon, "The Aesthetics of Remembrance: Film Form and Memory Work in Los Rubios and El Edificio de los Chilenos"
Gracie Copplestone, "Curating an Experience: John Dewey, Albert Barnes, and the Barnes Foundation"
Xin Du, "Beyond Connoisseurship and Forgery: Contextualizing Riverbank in the Biography of Zhang Daqian"
Adriana Grossman, "Analogous Constructs: From Beethoven's Ninth to Klimt's Frieze"
Young-In Karen Han, "The Double Life of Tintin"
Sarah Henkind, "The Value of Forgery: A Study on Art Forgery and the Case of Han van Meegeren"
Alida Jekabson, "Representing Constructive Universalism: Joaquin Torres-García and the United States Museums"
Nicole Johnson, "All Dressed Up in Nostalgia: The Dichotomy of an Ironic Spanish National Identity as Told though the Use of the Flamenco Dress"
Rachel Kobasa, "You Can't Hang This on a Wall: Project Row Houses and the Art of Cultivating Creativity"
Hyoungee Kong, "Unfulfilled Pygmalion: Edouard Manet's Portraits of Berthe Morisot from 1868 to 1874"
Veronica Maldonado, "Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garҫons: A New Feminity"
Valerie Smosna, "Cleansing Utopia, Staining Utopia: Monika Sosnowska's A Dirty Fountain in Zamość, Poland"
Julia Stuart, "Forging Identity in Contemporary Iran: Shadi Ghadirian's Representations of Women in the United Qajar Series"
Alexa Valenstein, "The Unorthodox Couturier: Elsa Schiaparelli and Surrealism"
Alison Whitney, "Gustav Klimt's Artistic Rebellion: Danaë and the Golden Tradition"
Michelle Wilson, "Damaged by Desire, Blood, Sex, and Celebrity of Tyler Shields' Lindsay Lohan Series"

see our Class of 2013 Seniors

2011-2012 Senior Theses:

Franklyn Cantor, "Modernity in the Metropolis: Portrayals of Symbolic Structures in New York City and Paris"
Isabel Donlon, "Negotiating the Self in the Portraiture of Jamel Shabazz and Kehinde Wiley"
Sarah Gzesh, "Art as Activism: The Wall, Calligraffitti, and Al-Shawa"
Jillian Johnson, "Without a Shadow of Doubt: Andy Warhol's Use of Shadows in His Late Work"
Natalie Muniz, "The Rise & Decline of the New Woman in Weimar Cinema: Tracing Female Sexuality and Partriarchical Order in 'Pandora's Box' and 'Mӓdchen in Uniform'"
Maggie Murphy, "'Identities in Stone': The Rejuvenation Projects of the Dawoodi Bohras and Their Quest for Community"
Thea Rockwell, "Lithographic Interiority: Reading Odilon Redon with Walter Benjamin"
Julia Ryan, "Dans Le Rêve: Odilon Redon's Childhood Inspiration and Artistic Compensation"
Lily Scott, "The Pictorial Idealization of the Virgin: A Psychoanalytical Interpretation of the Tympana Images at Chartres"
Michelle Smiley, "A Portrait of Loss: Photo-Objects of the American Civil War"
Julia Vasko, "The Feeling of Blindness: Repairing the Broken Narrative in Sensuously Rich Transnational Adoptee Videos"
Lee Wacker, "The Sacred and the Secular: Medieval Misericord Carvings as Seen by Monks at the Exeter Cathedral in the Thirteenth Century"
Stephanie Webster, "Historic Preservation at Old Salem Museums and Gardens: Crafting an American History with German Moravian Architecture"
Kim Wegel, "Performing the Victim, Performing the Perpetrator: Immortality and Inheritance in Joseph Beuys's 'How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare'"

2010-2011 Senior Theses:

Jessica Cosmas, "Fritz Scholder and Native American Art"
Audra Fanon, "Sixteenth-Century Interventions in Islamic Architecture, Aggression, and Identity Formation in Southern Spain"
Sarah Gelfand, "Portrait of the Artist: Painting Mary Cassatt"
Kristen Grubbs, "Deconstructing Masculinity: Violence in the Boxing Film"
Colleen Haley, "Vargas and the Pin-up Girl in Esquire Magazine in World War II"
Elizabeth Harnett, "Space in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock"
Katelyn Kazan, "Spirituality in the Art of Jackson Pollock's Spring Period"
Amanda King, "Act Da Fool: Redefining Contemporary Spectatorship"
Velislava Kirilova, "The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program as Social Progress"
Ally Mintz, "Transnational Artists from North Africa and the Middle East"
Anna O'Neill, "Touch and Tactility in the Work of Meret Oppenheim, Eva Hesse, and Rachel Whiteread"
Raisha Park, "Redirected Fates: Houses as Museums"
Emily Rose, "Images of Death in France during the Black Death"
Larissa Rubic, "Spirituality Through Form: Le Corbusier's Chapel at Ronchamp and Monastery of La Tourette"
Kathleen Scalera, "Japonisme Embodied: The Cultural Authentication of Japanese Motifs in the Design of the House of Worth"
Taylor Stacey, "Depictions of Race in Robert Frank's photo-book The Americans" Darren White, "Fashioning the New Bourgeoisie"

2009-2010 Senior Theses:

Caroline Connelly, “Gunta Stölzl: Artist within a Context”
Michelle Crepeau, "Caspar David Friedrich and the Wandering Ruins: Geology, Philosophy, and Entropy in the Art of 19th-Century German Romanticism"
Christina Frithsen, “Silencing the Deaf: The Film Industry’s Practice of Assimilation through Speech”
Hadley Garrettson, “The Architecture of Fashion”
Rachel Goddard, "Signed in Blood: The Legacy of Gran Fury's Posters in the Red Ribbon"
Arielle Hansen, “The Interplay between Patronage, Politics, and Portraiture: King Philip IV, Velazquez and Rubens”
Sam Kaplan: “In the Realm of ‘Feathers and Fur’”
Jessamine Kelley, “Create, Destroy, Liberate: Blu’s Muto Animates Public Walls”
Christine K. Lee, “Erotic Desire and Fantasy: the Development of Hentai Manga”
Rachel Lieberman, “Context, Conservation: Complexity: Andean Textiles in American Museums”
Clare Mallett, “Three Ways of Looking at Martha Rosler's Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful
Elise Marraro, “Dual Intentions: Mind-Body Connections in Images of the Virgin Mary”
Sarah Mitchell, "Clipped, Filed, Pasted and Traced: Henry Darger and his Practices of Collecting"
Lauren Montgomery: “It Hurts So Good: Sadomasochism and the Psychological Thriller”
Nathalie Schallock, “Marketer Murakami. Building the Ultimate ‘Art’ Brand”
Janet Yoon (HC), “A Portable Home: A Study of Do-Ho Suh's Seoul Home and 348 West 22nd St.”

2008-2009 Senior Theses:

Catherine Bloxsom: "Re-Reading Lee Krasner Through Biography"
Jenny Castle: "Understanding the Self in Video Art"
Bree Effron: "Black Photography During Apartheid South Africa from Photograph to Photographer"
Lauren Eisenbrey: "Coming Apart: Cindy Sherman's Photographic Account of the Effect of the Male Gaze on Women"
Pinky Lark Farnum: " Voyeurism Exposed: Helmut Newton's Manipulation of the Female Viewer Through His Fashion Photography"
Lavanya Jayakar: " Crusading Citizen Joan of Arc and Female Citizenship in Edwardian England and Vichy France"
Eurie Kim: " Poof: The Reality of American Beauty"
Gabriela Kogut: "Trap for a Communion: The Double Consecration of the Artist and the Body in Michel Journiac's Messe Pour Un Corps (1969)"
Francesca Marangell: " Representations of Medieval Childbirth: Portrayal of a Gendered Space"
Sarah Meller: "Unearthing the Soil and Herself: Re-Uniting EcoFeminism and the Silvetas of Ana Mendieta"
Kate Michelson: "The Crinoline in Nineteenth Century Satirical Cartoons: Its Meanings and Connotations"
Sarah Placke: "Seeing is Believing: The Function of Medieval Head Reliquaries and the Power of Sight"
Aheli Purkayastha: "Replacing Memories: Dorothea Lange and the Censored Images"
Rachel Townsend: "Gender Confounded: Cross-Dressing in Film Adaptations of Sheakespeare's Twelth Night"
Arianae Tsavaris: "Venetian Courtesans Dressing in the Costume of Nymphs"
Virginia Jane Tseng: "Hello, My Name is Mr."

2007-2008 Senior Theses:

Hadass Blank: " In the Lapidus of Luxury: Morris Lapidus and the Architecture of Leisure"
Claire Brandon: "Sophie Calle's Prenez Soin de Vous"
Jennifer Brindisi: "John Cage,  Robert Rauschenberg and the Aesthetics of Silence"
Bianca Bromberger: "The Experiential Subline: Perception , Conception, and Emotion in Mark Rothko's Classic Colorfield Paintings"
Jia Jia Fei: "Jeff Koons: Death of the Artist"
Brittany Golden: "An Examination of Late Pre-Reformation Devotion Through a Pair of Miniatures in a Book of Hours at the Free Library"
Tania Greenwald: "Without Location, Carsten Höller's Test Site"
Luba Nisenbaum: "David Goldblatt: Censorship and the Photograph in Apartheid South Africa"
Moriah Scott: "A New View of a New World: How Frans Post Brought Reality to Tropical America:
Lucie Steinberg: "Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum"


* See our Class of 2007 Seniors! *


2006-2007 Senior Theses:

Tania Apicella: "Rudimentary Tools: How Silhouettes and Shadows Combine to Depict Race and Sexuality in Kara Walker's Projector Works"
William Coleman: "An Independent, Self-Sufficient Man: Edward Redfield and the Monhegan Island Art Colony"
Emily Katharine Donati: "Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipses As Influenced by Japanese Zen Gardens"
Alexis Gorby: "Symbols of the Afterlife in the Jewish Catacombs of Beth She'arim and Rome: A Defense of Erwin Goodenough"
Nadine Exie Huntington: "Home Front Heroines: The Parallel Emancipation of Women and Slaves in Twentieth Century Films of the American Civil War"
Hayley Patricia Kucich: "Redefining and Revitalizing Public Spaces through Temporary Public Art"

Amy Malleck: "Constantine's Marble Colossus: Historiography of Style"
Denise Kalolaina Marica: "Private Images, Public Statements: Madame de Pompadour and the Court of Versailles"
Amy Elaine Martin: "Towards A Feminist Gaze: Interpreting the Male Nudes of Sylvia Sleigh"
Indira Neill: "Now I Know You: Surveillance, Identity and Motive in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope and Tom Kalin's Swoon"
Mark Ram: "Reflections on LastNightsParty: A Hope? for the Future"
Claire H Reyner: "Gloire as Translated Through Spectacle: the Axe Historique from Absolutism to Empire"
Sonya Safro: "Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov: Men with Movie Cameras and the Battle Between the Old and the New"
Victoria Salinger: "The Pont Neuf Wrapped: Framing the Bridge, Bridging the Frame"
Rosalyn Dolores Schorr: "A Study of the Birth of the American Collegiate Gothic Style"
Amanda Young: "(Re)Constructing the Artist: Modes of Self-Insertion in the Art of Steen and Vermeer"


2005-2006 Senior Theses:


Chloe Barnett: "Encountering the Fool and Death in Northern Renaissance Artwork"
Karl-Rainer Blumenthal: "Of Gods and Grizzlies: The Non-Aesthetic of Nature and the New Kinship of Werner Herzog and Caspar David Friedrich"
Elizabeth Carter: "A Re-Evaluation of the Post-Resurrection Imagery of the Saint Albans Psalter: The Absence of the Noli me tangere"
Elizabeth Catanese: "Undressing and Redressing Cindy Once Again, Once Again: An Analysis of the Productive Instability of Cindy Sherman's Artistic Work"
Nadia Christidi: "Lovers in a Cemetery? The Architecture of Bernard Khoury"
Emma Chubb: "'Hey, you there! Welcome to the Struggle': Adrian Piper Locates the Other Within"
Kristin Fallica: "Archival Allegories: Critical Histories in the Films of Gianikian and Ricci Lucchi"
Nicole M. Huynh: "Dinh Doc Lap: A Vietnamese Cultural Monument"
Kate Phillips: "Carleton Watkins's Yosemite Valley from the Best General View: Commodity and Universality in an Ocular Age"
D. Jacob Rabinowitz: "Fury and Formalism: Turner's Awful Sublime"
Rachel Redington: "The Presumption of Mary: Mimesis of the Dormition of the Virgin through Repentinos de Monjas, Funerary Portraiture of the Criollo Women of the Convent"
Zahra Reynolds: "Portraits Beneath the Veil: Concealing and Revealing in Shirin Neshat's Women of Allah"
Amelia Sanchez-Moran: "Philadelphia's Duchamp Effect: Duchamp, the Arensberg Collection, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art"
Diane Scarpa: "Modernism is G-dliness, or Barnett Newman's Kabbalistic Process"
Rebekah Schulz: "Red Light, Green Light: Vertigo's Influence on the Color, Mise-en-Scène, and Narrative of Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love and 2046"
Jessica Taylor: "The Curatorial Influence on Internet Art: The Commissioned Works of Mark Napier in 010101: Art in Technological Times and Data Dynamics"
Nicole M. Wood: "Unifying the Republic or Restoring the Monarchy? Representations of Joan of Arc in the Third Republic"


2004-2005 Senior Theses:

Andrea Betancourt: "The New MoMA: Designing the 20th Century Museum"
Olivia Byron: "Fascist Italy's Cultural Program: Mario Sironi and the Problems of a Political Art"
Elizabeth Damore: "Fashioning Exhibitions: Commerce, Culture and the Costume Institute"
Abigail Fritz: "From the Margins to the Core: a critical examination of the place of art education in schools through the lens of Discipline-based Art Education"
Joanna Fu: "A Justification for Fashion as a Fine Art"
Zoe Irvine: "Painting the War: Picasso's Genre Works During the German Occupation of Paris"
Emily F. Jensen: "The Wives of the Artists: O'Keeffe, Kahlo, Krasner, and the Role of the Artist/Wife in Historical Modernism"
Sung Eun Jun: "Women's Power Dressing in Fashion: Synchronic View and Analysis of Presented Styles Today/Duality and Validity of Ideas: Gaze, Power, and Gender"
Raakhee Bénu Lahiry: "Generational Conflicts in South Asian Film"
Jessica Leger: "Sameness and Difference in Matthew Barney's The Cremaster Cycle"
Cynthia Lugo: "Proof-Negative"
Josephine Mayer: "Relinquishing the Search - A Discussion of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights"
Molly Mulflur: "Kirchner's Urban Dancers: Mass Ornament and Mass Audience"
Brynne Norton: "Locating the Artist within the Environment: An Analysis of the Gendered Imagery in Andy Goldsworthy's Work"
Phaedra Robledo: "Tamara's Gaze: A Postfeminist Critique of Lempicka's Women"
Ana Ruediger: "Cinema and the City: Film Exhibition in Philadelphia"
Veronika Trufanova: "Lautrec's Legacy: Manifestations of Deformity and Synechdochical Depictions of Legs"
Devin Wachs: "'Absolute Pleasure' in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Exhibitionism, Identification, and Authorship"

Petra Williams-Lescht: "Sanctified Sexuality and Selective Censorship: Positioning Eroticized Images of the Magdalene within Counter-Reformation Theory and Practice"


2003-2004 Senior Theses:

Elysha Carouge:
Richard Gabriele: "The Barnes Foundation"
Katherine Hoy:
Alexandra Kaufmann: "Podestà Beware"
Afshan Khan:
Jillian Neustel: "Sinfest"
Jennifer Prince:
Stephanie Riley: "A Castile in Spain: Coca Castle as a Lens for Spanish History"
Laura Rosenblum:
Ramey Williams:


2002-2003 Senior Theses:

Netta Borshansky: "Homecoming and Homemaking in Zionist Photography of 20th Century Palestine"
Mahlone Burnette: "Fellini's Clowns"
Margaret Erlich: "Greek Revival Architecture in America"
IIlyssa Fisher: "Crucifixion and Passion Images in 13th- and 14th century Illuminated Manuscripts as Feminized Images"
Nora Gully: "Prostitution, Portraiture, and Language: Godard's Representation of Women"
Hala Hassoun: "Corsets - Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier"
Jean Kim: "Temporality and Perspective in David Hockney's Photo Collages"
Meredith Montague: "Southern Photography: Sally Mann and William Christenberry"
Amy O'Connor:
Larisa Reznich:
Jessica Richter: "Three Painters on Film: Frida, Pollack, and Vincent and Theo"
Liana Sterling: "Three video installations by Shirin Neshat"
Michelle Strizever: "The Book as Colonial Body: Amoxtli, Codices, And the Codex Espangliensis"
Lumi Tan: "Hans Bellmer"
Annie Zipper: "Ad-Jamming: Advertising and the Logo"


1998-1999 Senior Theses:

Sam Callard: "Clement Greenberg and Paul Tillich on Jackson Pollock: Religious resonance in abstract painting"
Heidi Dolamore: "Preserving the Berlin Wall"


1997-1998 Senior Theses:

Bey-Shan Chien: "Benozzo Gozzoli's Journey of the Magi: Who's Worshipping Whom?"
E. Andrea Cornejo: "The Conquest of Architecture: Spain and Two Versions of Construction"
Mallika Sager: "The Myth of the 'Indian Woman Artist': An Exploratory Journey Through the Canvases of Three Contemporary Women."


1996-1997 Senior Theses:

Corrine Oliver: "Mauerbach, the Third Reich and the Art of Conquerors"