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Information for New Students

The Health Center staff is looking forward to meeting you!  We work hard over the summer to prepare for your arrival.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our website. 

Health Requirements Before Entering Bryn Mawr

Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Service Form

Health Care Supplies to Bring to Campus

Contact Information

Health Requirements

Deadline for submission is July 1.

If you have questions about health requirements, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

1.  A paper Health Service Form, which has been mailed to you, needs to be  completed by your health care provider.  The information on this form provides our staff with an overview of your health status and alerts the staff to any significant health concerns. 

2.  All REQUIRED immunizations, noted as such on page 3 of the Health Service Form, need to be obtained.  Your health care provider should have a copy of your immunizations.  He or she should check that you have received all required immunizations and tests.

3. AFTER JUNE 1 please complete your Medical History via Online Student Health, the link to which is found on the lefthand side of this page.  Please be aware that the information found in the Medical History is different from the information found on the Health Service Form. 

4. AFTER JUNE 1enter your Immunization information via Online Student Health, the link to which is found on the lefthand side of this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I cannot meet the July 1st deadline?  Do I need to notify the Health Center that my forms will be late?

To ensure that your medical record is complete when you arrive on campus, we request that you make every effort to submit the Online Medical History and the Health Service Form by July 1st.  If you cannot complete the forms by this date, please complete them as soon as possible.  You may not be able to complete registration for classes until your records have been received and reviewed.  You also will not be able to participate in athletics until they are complete.

It is not necessary to notify us that your forms will be late, unless you expect them to arrive after July 31.  However, you may receive a notice from us that your forms are incomplete.  We request that you submit forms after that date only in extreme circumstances.  If you cannot comply by July 31st, you need to notify us at sheimann@brynmawr.edu. 

2. Where do I send the Health Service Form?

Please send the Health Service Form in the preaddressed envelope contained in the packet from the Admission Office.  If you do not have the envelope, please mail the forms to:  Bryn Mawr College Health Center, 101 N. Merion Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 USA.

3. I am unable to locate my immunization records.  What should I do?

If you cannot locate immunization records, you should discuss two options with your health care provider:

  1. You can be re-immunized or
  2. You can have a blood test to determine immunity.  Please note that if the test shows that you not immune, you will need to be re-immunized.

Health Care Supplies to Bring to Campus

Be sure to bring the following items:

  • any prescription medications that you take
  • a thermometer
  • ibuprofen or acetominophen
  • sunscreen

If you have an ongoing or chronic illness, or take medications on a regular basis, please bring a copy of relevant health records with you. 

We encourage any student with a chronic condition to meet with the Medical Director and/or Counseling Director at the start of the semester to become familiar with our services and resources to help you maintain your health.

Contact Information

The Health Center is closed over the summer, however email is checked on a weekly basis.  You may direct your questions to Sally Heimann, Clinical Administrator at sheimann@brynmawr.edu.