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The Health Center is closed fall break, winter break, spring break and over the summer.

Insurance Information


Undergraduates are expected to remain on their personal or family health insurance plans throughout their enrollment at Bryn Mawr. In addition, in 2015-16, the College has purchased a supplemental policy from an insurance company, Independence Blue Cross, to serve as secondary insurance, which means that it covers some costs not covered by the students’ personal or family insurance policy. If a student does not have a personal or family policy that provides coverage in our area, this secondary policy will provide primary coverage for medical costs.

Please note that Independence Blue Cross, not the Health Center, administers this policy.

To receive reimbursement for covered out-of-pocket costs, students must submit the forms and receipts required by the insurance company. If you have questions about your coverage, or need instructions on how to be reimbursed, please contact Independence Blue Cross directly.

Blue Student Health Customer Service
Phone: 888-547-5080
Or visit

Graduate & Postbac Students

Graduate students can choose whether or not to purchase the school insurance.  Graduate and postbac students who choose to purchase the college health insurance are required to enter HERE to complete the insurance registration process.