Insurance Information

BMC Student Health Insurance Website


All undergraduate students are covered by the school health insurance. This policy is limited, and is a secondary policy. It covers most of the care offered by the health center.

All new & returning students are required to enter HERE to complete the insurance registration process. During this process undergraduates will be asked to provide information on their current medical insurance coverage, which will be used by the College Health Service to assist the student in case of a medical situation.  Undergraduate students will also learn about the limited benefits Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) sponsored by the College. This coverage is provided to undergraduate students for each semester in which they are attending classes, and is paid for by the College.

International Students (Undergraduate)

All new & returning students international are required to enter HERE to complete the insurance registration process. Additional information about insurance registration can be found on the web home pages of these programs.

Graduate & Postbac Students

Graduate students can choose whether or not to purchase the school insurance.
Grad students who do not purchase the school insurance can be seen at the health center for a fee. Call x7360 for more information.

Graduate and postbac students who choose to purchase the college health insurance are required to enter HERE to complete the insurance registration process.  Grad students who have the college insurance can be seen by a Health Center provider, but any fees incurred will likely not be covered by the college insurance plan. 

FAQs about graduate insurance


You will receive a receipt for any services rendered at the Health Center that involve a fee. You may be able to submit the receipt to your family’s health insurance carrier for reimbursement if you are covered under their plan. If your parents are processing your health insurance claims, you must forward the bill to them. They cannot submit a claim without the itemized bill of service. Charges not paid by the student at the Health Center within 30 days will be sent to the Bursar and will appear on the next tuition statement.