Early Assurance Medical School Programs

Some medical schools offer conditional early acceptance programs for college sophomores or juniors. These programs do not accelerate the time for an undergraduate degree; however acceptance to such a program may enable a student to pursue other areas of interest while bypassing the time commitment and pressures of the traditional medical school application process. Generally these programs require outstanding academic credentials and a mature, demonstrated commitment to a career in medicine. Although the early assurance programs are appealing, this path to medical school is not right for everyone. Students considering applying to one of these programs should consult with the prehealth advisor by early sophomore year.

Review the individual medical school websites for more information about their application procedures, GPA requirements, and deadlines. Note that some schools restrict admission to their state residents.  Other medical schools may have early assurance programs.  If you have a particular interest in a medical school you can check its admissions office website to see if that school offers an early assurance program.