Prehealth Student Organizations

The Bryn Mawr history of self-governance promotes students as leaders for extracurricular activities and organizations, and this tradition is evident in the prehealth community. Undergraduates direct several clubs related to the health professions and career exploration in medicine.  In recent years prehealth students have been instrumental in organizing volunteers for hospice programs and visitors for nursing home residents and inpatient hospital units.

Prehealth Society

The Prehealth Society is for all students interested in careers in the health professions. Activities that the Prehealth Society has held in recent years include student panels to discuss summer internships, fundraisers for the American Cancer Society and talks by outside speakers who work in the medical field. There is no official procedure for joining the Prehealth Society; if the organization plans an even that interests you, you are welcome to participate. The Prehealth Society announces their events over the prehealth list serv and through their Facebook group, so be sure to sign up for these email announcements.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are informal student clubs that spend some time over the academic year looking at a specific areas of medicine or health care that is of interest to its members. Bryn Mawr undergraduates and postbaccalaureate premedical students participate in focus groups and co-lead them. Focus groups are a great opportunity for the various premedical students to get together with like-minded peers to share perspectives and expertise.

Each focus group organizes its own activities; some activities are just for group members whereas others will be open to the entire college community. The focus group leader training session provides leaders with access to resources and information to help them have a successful year.

All Bryn Mawr undergraduates and postbac students are welcome to be members of any of the focus groups, and students can also be members of more than one group. The annual focus group kickoff takes place during the first week of classes. You can also join a focus group by emailing one of its coleaders and letting her/him know that you want to be a member.

The topics of the focus groups vary from year to year depending on the interests of the students involved. The list of 2014-2015 focus groups can be found on the Focus Group web page.