Exploring Other Health Professions


For students who are interested in working with patients in a clinical care setting, there are many areas that may be of interest in addition to careers as a physician or dentist.

Many Bryn Mawr students are interested in the field of public health, which is a dynamic, interdisciplinary profession that addresses health care issues at the community level through research, education, public policy, and health care management and administration. The Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) has a web site dedicated to the exploration of careers in public health. You should also review the section on this web site about preparing for graduate studies in public health.

Please explore the links below to learn about other opportunities in the health care field. 


Chiropractic Medicine

Genetics and Genetics Counseling

Medical and Science Writing

Naturopathic Medicine


Occupational Therapy



Physician Assistant

Physical Therapy


Psychology and Mental Health