Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center -- Flim and Theater, Civic Engagement, Women's Health

Hepburn Center Steering Committee

Hepburn Center Director:
Katherine Rowe, Chair and Professor of English

Steering Committee Members:
Nell Anderson, Co-Director, Civic Engagement Office and Director of Praxis and Community Partnerships

Grace Armstrong, Eunice M. Schenck 1907 Professor of French and Co-Director, Center for International Studies

Ruth Lindeborg, Executive Assistant to the President

Peter Brodfuehrer, Professor of Biology and Co-Director Center for Science in Society

Lisa Caruso-Haviland, Director and Associate Professor of Dance and Chair of the Arts Program

Kimberly Cassidy, Provost and Professor of Psychology

Martha Dean, Executive Director of Development, Resources

Al Dorof, Acting Director of Public Affairs and Director of Publications

Wendy Greenfield, Executive Director of the Alumnae Association

Lazaro Lima, Associate Professor of Spanish, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Elizabeth McCormack, Professor of Physics and Co-Director Center for Science in Society

Mary Osirim, Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, Center for International Studies

Jennifer Rickard, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Marc Ross, William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor of Political Science, Co-Director, Center for Social Science

Lisa Saltzman, Professor of History of Art and Director, Center for Visual Culture

Janet Shapiro, Associate Professor of Social Work and Director, Center for Child and Family Well-Being

Sharon Ullman, Chair and Associate Professor of History, Gender and Sexuality Studies