Adrienne Webb '11


High School: Schenley High School

Hometown: Pittsburgh PA

Major: Psychology

Activities: Art Club, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, Batten House

Interests: Public Benefits, Art Education, Economic Recovery Work

Internship: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

My Hepburn Center Internship with the Philadelphia Mural Arts program was an empowering experience. I worked closely with lead muralist Shira Walinsky, to develop the Bryn Mawr College 25th anniversary 'Pioneering Women' project. The project is a collaboration of community members from Bryn Mawr College, Parkway West High School and Mill Creek Health Center 4. Much of our summer work involved developing questions and interviewing 30 community members about everything from experiences in education to inspiring women in their lives. The second part of our project involved collecting nominations of women to be on the mural and coordinating outdoor art events for the community members in Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr College. Both of these activities, the interviews and the outdoor art making activities, served as a means of creating a network for the mural. The context from the interviews and the community activities will become material for the Mural at Health Center 4. The internship was a wonderful learning experience because it taught me how to market a large project, such as a community mural to multiple communities in different geographic locations. I will continue to work on the mural project as a student in the Fall 2010 Growth and Structure of Cities Mural Arts course taught at Bryn Mawr College. I am thankful for the opportunity and support that the Mural Arts Program provided; it is a rare experience to work so closely on developing such an interesting and rich project. We had many collaborators and volunteers for this summer project and could not have completed any of our work without their assistance. I am grateful for the help from the volunteers from Parkway West High School, Paulette Adams from the People's Emergency Center and Zanny Alter, Parkway West High School Partnership Coordinator with the Bryn Mawr College Civic Engagement Office.

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