Alice Fisher

Alice Fischer '13

High School: Milton Academy

Hometown: Emmaus, PA

Major: Sociology

Minor: Education/Child Family Studies 

Activities: Students for Education Reform, Curriculum Committee 

Interests: baking cupcakes, education policy, education reform

Internship: Global Fund for Children

During my internship at the Global Fund for Children, I was able to participate in several projects that allowed me to learn the ins and outs of non-profit grantmaking as well as the initiatives of grassroots organizations working to aid the most vulnerable children in the world. My main project was an assessment of GFC’s grantmaking model and analysis of interactions with grantee partners—a range from size and age of a partner when they enter into a funding relationship with GFC to the purchase power of grants in each country. Through this project, I learned a lot about not only about the relationships between granters and grantees but also about organizational assessment and data analysis. I was also in charge of the online and in-house book sales. My internship was not limited to my projects--I was able to engage with and learn from several grantee partners, young founders of non-profits, and people with incredible and innovative ideas about how to solve problems in their communities. I leave this internship with a greater awareness and passion about global community-based education practices. 

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