Amanda Barwise

Amanda Barwise '12

High School: Eastern Regional High School

Gibbsboro, NJ

Sociology (Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Peoples and Culture Studies Concentration)

Hall Advisor, Social Justice Partnership Program, Admissions tour guide, Intervarsity, Extreme Keys A capella

yoga, singing, reading, travel

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

With the belief that art ignites change, The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program seeks to bring together artists and communities to positively influence lives and create social change.
During my time at the Mural Arts Program, I worked in the Community Murals Department, which gave me the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects. My supervisors work on at least ten to fifteen mural projects at a time, allowing me to participate at many levels and stages of a given project. The first program I worked on was "A Place to Call Home," a multidimensional project aimed to bring awareness to youth homelessness in Philadelphia. As the mural was in its final stages, I helped organize and prepare for the dedication. The rest of the summer was spent working on murals that were in progress or just beginning. I assisted in a series of workshops on suicide prevention and awareness, called "Finding the Light Within" that allowed participants to collage their experiences with suicide, whether as a survivor or attemptor. I also was a able to help begin a new mural project to celebrate Haiti, the nation and its people.  I researched and connected with other resource organizations and government officials who would be interested in partnering with us, and helped prepare the first community meeting to begin the planning process. Though my internship has finished, I plan to continue assisting on this project.
 My internship with the Mural Arts Program was an amazing experience that challenged and rewarded me. Though working through several projects at once, it was heartening to see the positive effects of even the smallest mural. It was a powerful experience to see individuals and communities come together to talk about difficult issues, support one another, and celebrate shared victories.

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