Bethany Giblin


High School: Bishop Fenwick High School

Hometown: Rockport, MA

Major: Mathematics & Fine Arts

Activities: Technical Asst. with Bryn Mawr Theater Dept., Fine Arts TA, intern at chic Philadelphia boutique Amberella’s, continuing to help out at Mural Arts

Interests: Travel, cooking, Pilates, painting, theater, photography, fashion, architecture, being green!

Internship: The Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, Tours Office intern

As an intern at the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia (MAP), I was exposed to the inner workings of a successful, world-famous non-profit city organization where I had the opportunity to witness artists giving life and meaning to their art. To say that I was lucky to be placed at this internship is an understatement. This internship was perfect for me, and I was a pretty good fit for them as well. As a Fine Arts and Mathematics double major, I am often asked, “So, what are you going to do with those two things?”  And while this is the beauty of Bryn Mawr, where intelligent women have the ability to grow and develop their craft in any and all fields which interest them, I would scratch my head to this question, pause for a moment, and proceed to ramble off a list of about five lifetimes worth of career paths that had anything minutely to do with math or art. One of those nervously rambled words was marketing, and that is exactly what I did over the summer. I worked in the Tours office at MAP which meant I sat in on design meetings for branding, mural proposals, brainstormed new means of advertising, and purposed my own ideas about expanding  the consumer market. The opportunity to be a fly on the wall, input into decisions which did manifest themselves, and see some of my advertising and marketing ideas go into production has helped me to realize two vital things: Not only are there places where I work can which seamlessly combine art and business/math into the same venture, but I also love and thrive in this kind of environment. I was able to exercise my mathematical side while working on a comprehensive survey analysis report which spanned all of my internship, and also my artistic side by consistently working on or editing different design projects. As a senior in college, I couldn’t be more thankful to have been given this internship because it has given me what most college seniors hope and wish they attain by the time graduation comes around: Clarity, reason, and passion for exactly what I wish to accomplish and contribute to the world.

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Hepburn Center 2009 Summer Interns
Bethany Giblin