Chelsea Miller '11


High School: North Hunterdon High School

Hometown: Clinton, NJ

Major: Psychology

Activities: Tennis, Orchestra

Interests: film, toy cameras, going to concerts, writing music, traveling

Internship: Film Production Intern, Parent Earth

When I applied for this internship, little did I know that I would get to learn about and practice a lot more than the craft of film production. As an Intern at the newly formed Parent Earth, a website with a focus on food and parenting, I not only edited videos on subjects ranging from cooking shows on natural solutions for morning sickness to interviews with experts on the ubiquitous corn industry, but I also witnessed the many phone calls, meetings, and overall preparation that goes into creating a new web community and company by sitting in the same room as the CEO five days a week. I attended pre-production meetings, assisted on shoots, and finally edited our resulting footage, which allowed me to be involved in every stage of the production process. Technology has made filmmaking cheaper and easier to showcase than ever before, and as I prepare to enter the field, I have gained invaluable experience by being a part of an emerging online video resource.

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