Duong Nguyen ‘13


High School: Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Major: undeclared Growth and Structure of Cities and French double major

Activities: Co-President of 85 Broads Bryn Mawr Chapter, Community Diversity Assistant, Tour Guide, French TA

Interests:Traveling, painting & drawing, architecture, languages, tennis, social justice, public policy, mass media

Internship:The Global Fund for Children

Joining the Global Fund for Children for the summer, I had an unique opportunity to work on a self-directed research project that both interests me and the organization: drafting the possibility of GFC supporting advocacy works in developing countries besides its current direct-service grantmaking. My research looked at The Global Fund for Children's current capacity, pictured the landscape of the advocacy-philanthropic community in US and worldwide, and positioned The Global Fund for Children within that landscape. At the end of the internship, I presented my research and facilitated a discussion with all staff members, which generated apeealing ideas and perspectives that indeed solidified my understanding of the multifaceted NGO world. During the two months at GFC, I also enjoyed a hands-on experience with the grant portfolio of East and Southeast Asia region, the close relationships with my mentors, and the great opportunity to challenge myself and become more confident through seeing how much I did actually achieve in a summer. I have learned so much not only about how an NGO works, but also about myself and where my passions lie. I have met people whose visions and works have inspired me to pursue the journey of social justice. I left The Global Fund for Children having a new academic interest that I want to delve into this year, and knowing where I'd love to sail next summer.

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