Emily Rose '11


High School: The Friends Select School

Hometown: Wayne PA

Major: History of Art

Activities: Equestrian, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance treasurer, Painting

Interests: Medieval Art History, Education, Art Education

Internship: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia PA

I feel unbelievably lucky to have spent my summer working with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. While I was assigned to the Journeys South project I was given the opportunity to observe and experience every aspect of the program. Journeys South is a new type of project for Mural Arts. Set for installation in the spring of 2011 Journeys South combines the work of four unique teams of artists to explore the constantly changing immigrant community in south Philadelphia. A common question asked throughout the summer at Mural Arts was how to redefine mural making in the 21st century. The unique and new works in Journeys South represent one answer to that question. My jobs included interview transcriptions, design reviews with artists, site visits with the project manager Maria Moeller, and creating two 10 minute videos from the interviews conducted about life in south Philadelphia over the years. The videos were placed on the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Philadelphia website, Philaplace.org.

Outside of my work with Journeys South I was able to work with other departments including Education, Community Murals, Finance and Tours when extra assistamce was needed. I spent much of my time helping my supervisor, Judy Hellman, organize the materials for the How Philly Moves project for presentations before the City of Philadelphia art commission and was given the incredible opportunity to attend those meetings with her, Jane Golden and the artist JJ Tiziou. I also attended several meetings regarding the immense (over a mile long) project set to install in the spring of 2011 on the facade of the Philadelphia International Airport parking garage.

Overall my experience was varied and incredible and I wil forever be grateful for the opportunity to work with such an inspiring organization.


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