Emily Wiseman ‘11


High School: East Grand Rapids High School

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Political Science

Activities: Civic Engagement Office Service and Outreach Associate, Sustainable Food Committee, Student Resource Person for the Tri-College Summer Institute on Race, Class, and Gender, Admissions Embassador, Leadership Empowerment and Achievement Program, Dean's Leadership Retreat

Interests: John Stewart's Daily Show, Cooking, Politics, Farmer's Markets

Internship: Philadelphia Women's Law Project Intern: Program Assistant, Philadelphia PA

I did a number of different things at the Women's Law Project. As a telephone counselor, I provided legal information to low-income women over the telephone. I was also a "Domestic Violence Assitance Project" program assistant, which took me to family court on a number of occasions. I helped design a survey to better understand what women face in the process of obtaining a Protection from Abuse order. In my free time, I worked with another intern, writing and publishing posts about feminist issues for the Women's Law Project Blog. I researched and drafted summaries of various women's health issues, in preparation for a publication about the health care transition in 2014. I learned a lot about how nonprofits operate, as well as specific information about the justice system and women's health issues.

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