Farhat Rahman

Farhat Rahman, class of 2013

High School
: Scholastica
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Major: Economics Minor: Film Studies
Activities: Zone 3 Productions (Vice President), Remap Tri-Co Entrepreneurs (Publicist), Volunteer Tax Preparer and Quality Reviewer for VITA, Bryn Mawr China Care (Founder and President)
Interests: Film production and spectatorship, economic development, LGBTQ and children’s rights, contemporary fiction and screenplays, fusion cuisine.
Internship: Geneva Global, Wayne, PA

It was a great experience to have had the opportunity to intern at Geneva Global this summer. The mission of Geneva Global is to provide international philanthropic consulting services on issues pertaining to global health, human liberty, educational and economic empowerment, and disaster recovery.

One of my primary duties as an intern was to conduct a literature research on the methodologies of previously established rural health integrated systems in developing countries, particularly in regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. This research was undertaken to efficiently set up a rural health integrated system that was under the process of being launched in the Ohangwena region of Namibia. My initial tasks were to compile a document on successful decentralization practices within previous health systems in developing countries and to figure out whether top-down, bottom-up practices or a combination of the two have resulted in efficient and transparent health systems. Secondary duties included building up a potential high net-worth client database and creating marketing brochure materials (on social impact index, metrics & measurement) directly for the CEO. During my time at my internship, my analytical and research skills were greatly enhanced, along with my social awareness of global/public health issues in much of the developing world. I was placed on an equal plane with my co-workers at Geneva Global and my opinions and research methodologies were greatly commended, which in turn, strongly boosted my confidence. It was indeed a very rewarding experience to understand how international development issues coupled with social justice concerns were tackled on a daily basis and amongst such a small number of deeply committed individuals at this organization.

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