Josephine Nyame

Josephine Nyame ‘13


High School: Girard College High School

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Psychology

Activities: Civic Engagement Office Student Coordinator,Playground Pals at Gotwals Elementary, Classroom Assistant at Pheobe Anne Thorne School, Mujeres, BACASO

Interests: Developmental Psychology, Mentoring Youth, Music, Foreign Cultures and Languages, Traveling

Internship: Barrio Activo, Mexica City, Mexico

In Spanish, Barrio Activo translates to Active Neighborhood. This organization is located in a small neighborhood or "barrio" in Mexico City called La Pastora.  La Pastora is a neighborhood where it can be very easy for a child as young as 6 years old to develop a drug habit, or for any other child to join a violent gang.  Barrio Activo is a small youth center which consists of one small room in one man's home. All activities run by Barrio Activo are government funded and managed by volunteers. My internship at Barrio Activo lasted 8 weeks.  During this time, I helped give sexual education workshops, dance classes, and volunteered at a summer camp for children  ages 6-14.  The objective of Barrio Activo is to unite the community youth through education, peace and respect. 

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