Kristina Sandquist

Kristina Sandquist, class of 2013

High School: Central Bucks East High School
Hometown: Doylestown, PA
French and Francophone Studies
Minor: Africana Studies
Activities: Pre-Health Club, Public Health/Underserved Populations Focus Group, Health Center Advisory Board, Civic Engagement Office (Office Assistant)
Interests: Medicine, public and global health, health disparities, development ethics, travel, West Africa

Internship: Unite For Sight, Ghana

Unite For Sight’s mission is to eliminate patient barriers to eye care by partnering with established local eye clinics in India, Honduras, and Ghana. Unite For Sight aims to work with local clinics to provide sustainable, responsible, and high quality eye care to patients living in poverty.

My duties as an intern were to assist several Ghanaian eye clinics in outreaches to villages and to observe surgeries sponsored by Unite For Sight. In assisting with outreaches, I worked with three different eye clinics: North Western Eye Clinic and Save the Nation’s Sight Eye Clinic based in Accra and Friends Eye Clinic based in Kumasi. As a team of international interns and Ghanaian medical staff we often traveled to towns several hours away from the clinic and stayed there for one to three weeks using the town as a base to reach even more rural and remote villages. During outreaches each day I either recorded visual acuity, typed up patient information on the clinic’s laptop, or helped dispense and explain how to use prescribed medications and glasses. From working with the three clinics I experienced the diverse challenges that come with providing health care in rural settings. I learned a lot about strategies to reduce patient barriers to health care and the importance of providing sustainable health care by local health care professionals.

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