Lea Hane '12

High School: Newton South High School

Boston, MA

Major: Sociology

Activities: Hall Advisor, Internship with Prevention Point Philadelphia, MAST Coordinator (Mentoring and Student Teaching)

Interests: Medicine and Public Health, particularly among women and marginalized populations

Imbuto Foundation and Independent Research

My summer in Rwanda consisted of independent research and an internship with Imbuto Foundation. Both were centered around visual media as a public health response to HIV/AIDS in Rwanda. Rwanda has a high number of orphans due primarily to the genocide which took place in 1994 and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Some in Public Health report that the incidence of HIV/AIDS among youth in Rwanda is increasing while services and education that cater to them are insufficient. One current strategy is the use of posters and billboards that address related issues such as condom use, gender-based violence and sugar-daddies/sugar-mommies. I conducted in-depth interviews with Rwandan doctors, nurses, community health workers and youth workers about the accessibility and cultural relevancy of these materials. Through my internship with Imbuto Foundation I also designed similar visual as well as radio media materials related to HIV and other issues facing youth.

link to PowerPoint Presentation

Lea Hane