Louisa Amsterdam


High School: Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Major: English

Activities: Batten House, Shakespeare Troupe, College News staff writer, running

Interests: All things related to food and cooking, the city of Philadelphia, writing

Internship: Fair Food, Philadelphia PA

My time at Fair Food has been extremely interesting and rewarding. I had the opportunity to act in several roles within the organization, all of which contributed to a more rounded understanding of local food’s position in Philadelphia and how others perceive it. My main role was to coordinate Farm Tours, which allowed me to work closely with local food producers, as well as the public interested in seeing the origin of their food. In addition, by working at the Fair Food Farmstand, I was able to interact with a diverse customer base with a wide variety of reasons why they choose to buy the food we provide. I also wrote a weekly newsletter for the Farmstand’s staff and volunteers, bringing me directly into contact with those devoted to the movement; the writing skills I have acquired as an English major came directly to bear on this activity. The company was both expanding and trying to find funding in these trying economic times; though this often led to stress and frustration, it also demonstrated the creativity and determination of people as wholly dedicated to a cause as the Fair Food staff. It gave me faith that a small non-profit can overcome almost any obstacle it faces with enough ingenuity.  I am incredibly grateful for my experience with Fair Food, and for the opportunity to meet the wonderful people associated with the organization.

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Hepburn Center 2009 Summer Interns
Louisa Amsterdam