Madhavika Bajoria

Madhavika Bajoria '13

High School: Modern High School for Girls

Hometown: Kolkata, India

International Studies Minor: Economics

Student Curriculum Committee (appointed member), Customs Person (Rhoads North), Democracy Matters (Vice-President), volunteer tax preparer and quality review team leader with VITA

international economics, development ethics, global politics, travelling, postcolonial literature

Geneva Global

I was fortunate enough to intern with Geneva Global this summer; one of the world’s leading advisory service providers in international philanthropy. Most of my responsibilities as an intern centered around the EndFund which is a $100 million project launched by Geneva Global and its partner organizations.
The purpose of the project is to collaboratively eradicate the disease burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in sub-Saharan Africa. I was in charge of managing a donor database of High Net Worth Individuals and corporations from around the world. In addition, I had to conduct comprehensive risk/impact analyses of investing donor money in different countries based on their existing health policies, disease burden and mapping. Doing country-specific research helped me gain insight into public health issues and in what ways giving could be made more efficient and impactful. I also got to work on several marketing projects for the Gates Foundation, an important client of Geneva Global.  I had the opportunity to work directly with the CEO on ‘World Golf Day’, a series of worldwide fundraising events involving the professional golfing community, whereby we extensively researched and nominated charities specializing in different fields (health, literacy, disaster management etc) to be the beneficiaries of these events. Despite being an intern, my input and opinions were put on an equal footing in all the decision-making processes which was very empowering. Having worked on these projects has helped me get a good grasp at how organizations partnering with developing countries balance the fine line between economic development, social justice and effective community development.

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