Melissa Carn ‘10


High School: Lower Dauphin High School

Hometown: Middletown, PA

Major: History, Classics and History of Art minors

Activities: Bi-College News Arts Editor, Alternative Concert Series co-head 2008-2009

Interests: Culture, art, traveling

Internship: Governor Rendell’s Office of Policy and Planning, Harrisburg, PA

I will look back on the summer I spent interning at Governor Rendell’s Office as one of the most rewarding and educational experiences of my college time. While the duties of other interns I know consisted of filing papers and going on coffee runs for their bosses, I was researching for and drafting analyses of House and Senate bills which the Governor and his Senior Policy Advisor used to formulate an official position on each piece of legislation. I went to many meetings in the Capitol and also became familiar with ARRA stimulus money planning and spending opportunities and restrictions. It was a very exciting time to be at the Capitol, as tempers flared and heated debates raged because the State Budget was weeks overdue. I had the opportunity to see the Republican and Democratic sides argued while attending Governor’s press conferences, watching the House and Senate deliberating, and hearing the issue discussed at meetings and around the office. My internship improved my writing and reading skills, familiarized me with the governmental structure and the nature of politics in the real world, introduced me to many wonderful and helpful people, and also allowed me to rediscover my hometown from a different perspective. My internship was invaluable in helping me realize my future plans and goals.

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Hepburn Center 2009 Summer Interns
Melissa Carn